– I’m very happy with where I’ve arrived at

– I honestly believe that I’ve grown by leaps and bounds as a musician.

In a new interview to ExclusiveMagazine.com, Jon Lord takes stock of his musical years – with Deep Purple and Whitesnake and as a solo artist.

– I’ve loved what I’ve done. And when I look back with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight, I can see the pattern, or the shape of the journey. And I’m very pleased with that shape. I’m very aware that I am what I am because of what I’ve been.

Read the full interview.

5 thoughts on “– I’m very happy with where I’ve arrived at

  1. A very interesting interview. It’s sometimes hard to talk openly about some of the past memories, that’s obvious, but Jon’s certainly has talent for diplomacy and, well, he’s simply a gentleman 🙂

  2. Speaking of Hammond organ, I remember that while watching “Live at the Basement” for the first time (in 2003, and online!) there were moments when I thought: “He’s gonna do it! He’s gonna get up and put up the Beast on its front edge!”. I’m sure Jon was close to doing it. The blues rocked that night hard 🙂

  3. Wise man,Jon..I love your philosophy of life..peaceful nd contemplative-just like your music

  4. He was, is and will remain a genius. His way of expressing himself simply reflects his way of making music. He is omnipotent as a musician in all styles. I sure hope he will soon give a concert in Switzerland WHICH I MUST NOT MISS!!

    I love you and your work, Jon.

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