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Jon: Your responses have touched my heart


A personal message to you from Jon:

Just a quick line or two from an absolutely overwhelmed, gratified and humbled musician.

Your responses to the news of my condition have touched my heart in a way that has truly helped to make my life a better place to be than it had occasionally threatened to become these last few weeks.

Your wonderful messages wishing me strength and courage have given me even more strength and courage – and so much more than you can ever know.

I read many of them with tears in my eyes, grateful for this cast-iron proof of the innate goodness of the human being, and grateful to every single one of you for your invaluable support.

This message goes out too to all the similarly wonderful folk on other websites whose support has been equally warm and strong and I want you all to know how greatly heartened and comforted I am by all this.

The treatment continues and I am confident and being supported by my glorious family and an amazing group of friends.

See you soon.

God bless

Photo: Florida, March 1994 by Ram Samudrala