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Jon Lord rarity published

Paul Mann’s private collection of bound Jon Lord scores.
Print-your-own copies available at our Scores shop.

Jon Lord’s archives continue to yield surprises large and small.

As conductor Paul Mann works his way through Jon’s comprehensive output, most new updates to the list of available scores are previously heard pieces already available on CD or album, but here is now a genuine rarity – Sir John, His Galliard – a four-minute piece for piano, 2 violins, viola and cello that was previously kept as a gift among friends.

– It is one of Jon’s richest and most charmingly beautiful short pieces, even though it was only composed for a single performance at a private party. Even under such circumstances, Jon lavished all his care and craftsmanship on it, and what could so easily have become something to be heard once and then forgotten about, is actually a significant composition, says Paul Mann.

Only performed once, at a surprise birthday party for Sir John Mortimer in 2002, the piece remains unrecorded. It was recently found among Jon’s archives and has now been diligently engraved and made available through our Scores Shop.

Read also Paul Mann’s full notes on the piece.