Interview: Jon Lord’s return to Zermatt

Jon Lord and Zermatt have a long history together, and promoting last night’s performance at Zermatt Unplugged, Lord speaks to about his first visit there 36 years ago:

– I first visited the village in December 1971 and fell in love with it on the spot. Since then, I come back at least two or three times every year, mostly in winter to ski, but now and again in summer too for hiking. We have even had a small flat here for the last eight years.

About performing at Zermatt Unplugged:

– We have made many wonderful friends in Zermatt over the years. That was how I met Tom Sterchi, a few years ago. I found his festival idea great and Zermatt wonderful for an event of this kind. It was therefore a joy and an honour when he not only asked me to perform at it, but also to take on the patronage for it together with my good friend Anni-Frid…

Jon Lord with Frida…and jamming with Anni-Frid:

– That can happen when we’re in the mood … We enjoy the fact that no one forces us to do anything here though. The people respect your privacy. They know that you are here in your free time and for your pleasure. When I used to stay at Hotel Post, I used to play the piano in the bar ‘til late into the night. Those were fantastic times!

Read the full interview.


3 thoughts on “Interview: Jon Lord’s return to Zermatt

  1. Jon – Re Zermatt – Having just come back from my first trip to Switzerland which gave me 2 nights in Zermatt I can understand why you love the place. We had 2 nights in Zermatt, got up in the morning looked out of the window and there was the matterhorn! Best hotel view ever!

    Also they still have the poster up for the Zermatt gig 3 weeks after it happened!

    If / when you get the chance there is a nice little theatre near Milton Keynes called the Stables, 400 odd seats, very nice. Just a suggestion!


  2. Jammin with Annifrida must be nice; singing with Agnetha Faltskog: now that’s great.!!!!

  3. I can hardly wait for Jon and Anni-Frid’s upcoming album! They’re both so musically versatile, I can’t even imagine what kind of experiment they can produce together. And I do love to hear Anni-Frid singing ‘Child In Time’! She’s probably the only one who can give this wonderful song a decent interpretation.

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