Shorter works

pictured_41dfn68p5al_sl160_Pictured Within (from Pictured Within) 1997

Wait a While (from Pictured Within) 1997

Evening Song (from Pictured Within) 1997

De Profundis (from Beyond The Notes) 2004

The Telemann Experiment (from Beyond The Notes) 2004

Miles Away (from Beyond The Notes) 2004

Cologne Again (from Beyond The Notes) 2004

I’ll Send You a Postcard (Pavane for Tony) (from Beyond The Notes) 2004

One From The Meadow (from Beyond The Notes) 2004

The Sun Will Shine Again (from Beyond The Notes) 2004 NEW

A Smile As I Shook His Hand (from Beyond The Notes) 2004 NEW

Evening Song (from To Notice Such Things) 2009

Air on the Blue String (from To Notice Such Things) 2009

For Example (from To Notice Such Things) 2009

Zarabanda Solitaria (recorded by The Smith Quartet)

Fanfares and Variations on “La Chanson de Peirson” for orchestra of brass instruments 2010 (unrecorded)

Sir John, His Galliard 2002 (unrecorded) NEW

All Those Years Ago (from All Those Years Ago, book) 2014


This section is currently under construction. Other works to be added include:

From The Windmill (from Pictured Within) 1997

Before I Forget (from Before I Forget) 1982

Say It’s Alright (from Before I Forget) 1982

2 thoughts on “Shorter works

  1. Afterwards is included in the complete score of “To Notice Such Things”. I’m also producing a piano score, which will make it easier to use, and should be available soon.

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