Wait A While

Wait-a-While-(Orchestra-ver1996 (arrangement 1999/2008)
Lyrics by Sam Brown,solo-female vocal-str.(tutti str with solo str.qtet)
Duration 7’

(Pictured Within, Virgin Classics 7243 493704 25)

Full score and parts on hire (2012 revised and reconstructed edition)
Study score on sale (forthcoming)
Piano-vocal score on sale (forthcoming)

pictured_41dfn68p5al_sl160_A note by Paul Mann:
This profoundly moving, exceptionally subtle song is one of Jon’s most quintessential. With the help of Sam Brown‘s lyrics it addresses, entirely without sentimentality, both the dread of losing loved ones, and the fear of losing love itself. Jon had a special affection for it, and in live performances it never failed to elicit some of his most poetic pianism.

When we were preparing the score for the 1999 Royal Albert Hall concerts, we had a discussion about the instrumentation, which in its original form seemed to me too replete with sensuous strings. Wait-a-While-(VS)REVISEDsib Jon’s revised version deploys the full forces for only a single moment (at the final appearance of the words “you should know by now, I love you”), and this restraint makes the song all the more deeply affecting.

As in the case of Pictured Within, there has hitherto been no complete full score, and I have reconstructed the piano part from recordings.

3 thoughts on “Wait A While

  1. beautiful piece, of which I’d love to see the piano scores! looking forward to someday finding it here! thanks to you people

  2. Are there any news concernig the piano score?
    I am really looking forward to it.
    It’s such a beautiful and emotional song…

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