Pictured Within

pictured_41dfn68p5al_sl160_1. The valley – Sunrise (Lord)
Pictured within (lyrics)
– From the windmill

2. Blue sky dreams
– Circles of stone
– Menorca blue
Evening song (lyrics)

3. Of heroes and heroines
– Music for Miriam
– Arc-en-ciel
Wait a while (lyrics)

4. Beneath a higher heaven
– Crystal spa
– The mountain-sunset
– A different sky

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  1. a masterpiece. full stop.

  2. Simply put. The finest Album ever made. Crystal Spa is the soundtrack to which I hope to die to! And yet I found this the most uplifting album I have ever listened to. It shook me out of a very dark place in 1999 when I was at a very low ebb, I can honestly say if it hadn’t been for this album I wouldnt be here today. Jon PLEASE include Crystal Spa and Sunrise/Pictured Within on your next live shows in Britain which will be taking place SOON I hope?

  3. Agree it is a splendid selection of music – Wait a while is a particular favourite!

  4. Yes, yes, agree with what has been said thus far, a masterpiece, finest album ever made, and I also was guided through some very dark times with the light of this inspired message from heaven itself. Words fail.

  5. Hello everybody,
    As a very big mr.Lord fan i try ti find some his works,and i’ll be very glad if somebody help me to find albums Pictured Within,Beyond the Notes,and Windows.I live in Serbia,and we do not yet have any of this stuff in music markets.Sad,but true:-((PLEASE HELP!!!
    Yours sincerely,Nemanja,Deep Purple Fan Club Serbia,

  6. Hi Nemanja,
    Amazon.co.uk is worth a try, as they usually have a pretty good selection available.

  7. Hi all,
    I am desperately searching the sheet music for “Wait a while” from the Pictured within Album. Where can I get it??
    Thanks for the help.

  8. Hi all,
    agree with you, Mr. Bauer. “Wait a while” is a master piece. I am desperately searching the sheet music for this piece, too. Is this available for sale somewhere?

  9. Hi , I recently purchased an album called Deep Purple
    and freinds which includes a live version of pictured within. Can anyone tell me which album it is on and who are the vocalists ? Thanks

  10. Hi Steve
    This would most likely be from the 30th anniversary performances of the Concerto at Royal Albert Hall in 1999. Miller Anderson sings and you can find the entire show on this album:

  11. This is truly one of the finest albums I have ever had the pleasure to hear. It makes me happy, yet tugs at my heart; it makes me smile, yet tears runs down my face; it makes me want to explore the earth and travel, yet I feel the need to hold those closest to me, stay near and never let them go.

    Thank you for this wonderful gift.

  12. Thank you for this wonderful gift.

  13. Another New Years Honours List without Britains Greatist Living Composer mentioned!
    Isnt it about time we saw Sir Jon Lord. If the big lipped singer from the most overated band on earth can get a knighthood for shagging lots of women and recording 3 decent songs in 40 years then surely Jons body of work deserves it.

  14. Very cool!

  15. I only want to be able to play Pictured Within and Kith and Kin on the the keyboard! Hey my son has just gone and said he can do it…….maybe …maybe not …lose and win

  16. I too am in love with Wait A While, and have spent the entire evening looking on line for the sheet music. Is it available? Please tell me yes and how I can get it.
    Thanks for such a special song for an emotional time of life.

  17. The Maestro is rising here !!

  18. I would be great to know where you can purchase song books resp. sheet music of espcially “wait a while”

    Thank you already for your help.

  19. I would be great to know where you can purchase song books resp. sheet music of espcially “wait a while”

    Thank you already for your help.

  20. I too am desperately looking for sheet music for “Wait a While” Please Help[!!!!!

  21. Pictured Within and Wait a While both give me goosiebumps.
    Get some gigs in UK please Jon – you promised !!!!
    BTW – Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me – tra la

  22. Hi,
    I am desperately searching the sheet music for “Aria” from the ‘Sarabande’ Album. Where can I get it??
    Thanks for the help

  23. Hi Jon,
    me too I’m searching for the music of “Wait a while” do you think that sometime will be available so to please a lot of people singing and playing one of your masterpiece?

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