Paice Ashton Lord – Live

pal-dvd_515iawbow2l_ss400_In Concert:
1. Ghost Story
2. On The Road Again, Again
3. Silas And Jerome
4. Arabella (Oh Tell Me)
5. The Ballad Of Mr. Giver
6. I’m Gonna Stop Drinking
7. Steam Roller Blues
8. Remember The Good Times
9. Malice In Wonderland
10. Sneaky Private Lee

Lifespan – the story behind Paice Ashton Lord

Live at BBC Studios, London – March 10, 1977

buy-10T2 Media 1977

4 thoughts on “Paice Ashton Lord – Live

  1. Tony just needed to get closer to the Microphone.PAL’s Birmingham Odeon footage looked stronger at least from Tony Ashton’s vocal performance but the audio is nowhere near as good as the ‘Sight & Sound in Concert’ performance as featured on the dvd above.

  2. I love Paice Ashton Lord since I heard Malice In Wonderland when I was 10 years old! Tony Ashton’s style of vocal was SO UNIQUE he just caught my ear straight away! Sadly, a short lived project, but when you watch them all live and doing there thing, the chemistry is delightful!
    From Paul Martinez’ bass Playing having hooks all over the place! To Ian Paice’ drumming carrying it all with vibrancy. Jon Lord who is, in my mind, just the coolest and best keyboard player EVER! Bernie Marsden’ guitar playing is so refined, you will know what I mean when you watch him play. And the lifespan documentary is a must for any Purple fan as it’s just fantastic footage of the band getting together and again…doing there thing!
    I strongly recommend you get the DVD, as it really a brilliant snapshot of a short lived band that just thrilled you with there music!
    And on a final note…
    I can’t believe the control Tony has over his playing, even though he’s completely three sheets to the wind!
    As Tony said…”Cheers and boll*x”

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