Cologne Again (from Beyond The Notes)

2004 tamb./SD/tgl./toms/sus.cym/TT-str.

Group: ac./elec.gtr-pf-Hammond Org.-bass gtr

Duration 7’

Jon Lord’s programme note:
On the 11th of February 2004, I drove to Cologne to begin several days of meetings and talks about the first day of the rest of my life, and to demo a special song. Cologne was the town where I made my Pictured Within CD – an extremely emotional roller coaster of a time – and here I was again to discuss another one. A CD that is, not a roller coaster…

That night, when I got to my hotel room – number 618 at the Radisson SAS actually – I was tired and very happy, but still as wide-awake as an insomniac rooster. An idea for an instrumental piece kept nagging at me until I surrendered and picked up a pencil and manuscript to try to exorcise the pesky thing. It seemed to be a sort of journey idea – to the East maybe. An insistent drum rhythm – is it a bolero?- what? – in 7/4 time? An insistent riff too – but on pizzicato strings? A tune born somewhere between Bucharest and Bombay? With an organ solo? Whazzappenin?

Well anyway, I had travelled eastwards from England, and here I was happily in Cologne again; and here it is. Cologne Again – naturally.

A note by Paul Mann:
Many of the scores which Jon used for his album recordings remained incomplete. He tended to write only essential information for the other players, and leave his own parts only partially notated. He could also leave room for manoeuvre and development in the studio. “Cologne Again” is a case in point.

The score that I found in Jon’s computer contained only the bare bones of the rhythmic pattern with which the piece begins, and I have transcribed it here fully for the first time. No doubt the recording is overdubbed by the gloriously talented Mario Argandona, but it would be fun one day to hear it done by an orchestral percussion section. It would take at least five of them to cover all the parts.

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