Plock: 'Big surprise at the old square'

‘A wonderful show. I’m still impressed. You’ve done a big surprise to Polish fans, Mr Lord. We wanted you so much to come to Poland, and you did it. The Concerto in such a beautiful scenery! Many thanks!,’ writes Joasia Ostrowiecka in her review of Jon Lord’s concert appearance at Plock, Poland on July 6.

By Joanna Ostrowiecka

I was lucky to listen to the rehearsal as well. It was unbelievable, too. And the people who came to the Old Square at about 11.00 AM, could get autographs.

The concert – the opening for the Summer Festival in Plock – began at 19.00. Punctually. The Old Square was jam-packed. Everybody wanted to listen to the “Rock Night with an Orchestra” show, even those who haven’t known Jon Lord so far. The audience wasn’t disappointed. I saw everybody was happy to listen to the greatest organist of the world – with Polish musicians.

Not only the whole Concerto we heard, but also many songs from other albums: “Sarabande” (my favourite CD of Jon Lord), “Beyond the Notes”, “Pictured Within”… “Wait a While” and “One from the Meadow” sung by Kasia Laska sounded beautiful. What’s more, I think this vocalist sounds better than Sam Brown. She’s got such a brilliant voice.

In fact we had more surprises that evening. The biggest one was towards the end of the concert. We heard… “Child in Time”! Incredible. I thought I’d never hear it live. What’s more, I was sure nobody could sing it as well as Ian Gillan. Meanwhile Polish vocalists did it! I felt as if I were at a Deep Purple gig in the seventies.

Unfortunately “Child in Time” was the last song of the evening. What a pity. I’d like the concert to last the whole night.

The Plock Symphonic Orchestra was conducted by Misha Danev and sounded wonderful. So did the two vocalists: Katarzyna Laska ans Jacek Kotlarski; also Jacek Piskorz (keyboards), Damian Kurasz (guitar), Filip Soyka (bass) and Jan Mlynarski (drums). Polish musicians aren’t worse than Deep Purple! As if I heard Messrs Glover, Blackmore and Paice. Mr Kotlarski’s voice is similar to Mr Gillan’s – a big surprise indeed.

I’m still impressed. It was a great idea to invite Jon Lord to Plock. Many thanks to the promotors and sponsors. The Old Square is a splendid scenery for such events. The weather was great, too: the sun shone and it was very warm – ideal conditions for concerts in the open air. If I have another occasion, I’ll go to Plock again.

2 thoughts on “Plock: 'Big surprise at the old square'

  1. I received my DVD of Beyond the Notes. I have the cd’s of the songs played there, but to get a chance to see a live performance, enhances everything. Your songs reach deep down . Form the orchestra/vocalists to the piano to the Hammond, what moving music. Sir, you write from the heart and that is where your tunes go to. Thanks so much for such moving and beautiful songs..Also your sense of wordplay/humor keeps me smiling
    DIck Dale

  2. i live in turkey. i never find a john lord album at my country.sometimes turksh radio3 play jon lord. i like dreamly sound of a b3 hammmond. deep purple is really jazz band… i lovee purple
    gillan-glover-lord-paice onlyyyy never coverdale

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