The Sunflower Jam photos

Sunflower Jam, London - September 25, 2008
The Sunflower Jam, London - September 25, 2008

Photos: Rasmus Heide & Knut Morten Johansen

See more photos below.

Jon Lord with daughters Sara and Amy

This organ will levitate

Read the Sunflower Jam report.
The Brazilian Sunflower review. (English)


15 thoughts on “The Sunflower Jam photos

  1. Seems like a fantastic event! Some great band constellations:-) Nice to see Jon back with the band, I hope it will not be his last time behind the keys with DP…:-)

  2. Looks like it was great fun!
    Talking of which, did any of you get an invite to Richies wedding last week?
    (I.G. best man prehaps?) :0)

    All the very best.

  3. Hi John. thanks for being who you are a great influance of my musical also have beatiful family.misses you here in Israel when Purps playd on sep….next time home to see u 2.u r #1-love Dedi


  5. Sadly,i wasn’t be there:(((
    Greetings from Serbia!!!I hope that i will see you soon in Belgrade Mr.Lord!

  6. the very best hemmondsplayer of the world
    Thank you very for your long time in Deep Purples live

    thank you mr. lord

  7. First time i heard DP was made in japan album,i was totaly in love with the way you play with rich blackmoor gitar good i missed thoes days,i love you,mehran

  8. just want to tell you that I have been a DP since the beginning. I have seen you only 6-7 times. I brought my six year old to see DP at the Bushnell, Hartford, Ct. It was the Mk II line-up, THE best….. My all time favorite show was a fairly recent one at which you did the Machine Head album. Is there ANY way at all that DP will tour again with the MK II and possibly come to CT???? You guys are just the best damn band ever!!!!!

  9. I think the best line I heard you quoted was something like, ” With the Hammond, you hold one note, and as long the electric bill, you sound good.

  10. must have been a very nice jamming, the photos are so nice. I wish I were there,micky moody, sam brown, bruce dickinson, jon lord and deep purple… really a dream jam.
    Like Mehran above, Made in Japan was first thing I heard of D.P. and it was fantastic as it is now. But when I started to collect Jon Lord’s solo albums.. wow … it blew me away.
    Rock on Jon Lord … God Bless you

  11. sara has changed since 1977 used to know her at primary school how time flies. keep rockin jon listened to plenty of deep purple since then.

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