Media watch: His Lordship in Essen

Jon Lord’s recent concert in Essen attracted a fair share of press coverage. Here are three examples.

Armin Thiermer, WAZ
Jon Lord in Essen, February 3, 2009. Photo: Armin Thiermer, WAZ

In an interview with the Haken magazine before the concert Jon Lord talks about music as a form of communication.

– On paper music is only a line of black dots. The music only comes into existence when a musician blows life into it – and then it only exists in that moment, he says.
Read the full Haken interview [in German]

40 years after his first show with Deep Purple at Essen’s Grugahalle, Jon Lord’s Concerto for Group and Orchestra was pompous, majestic and full of dynamics, says Westdeutsch Allgemeine.

– Nowadays the audience doesn’t lie on the floor anymore, quips Jon Lord and then in a more serious tone remarks how this was probably the only difference between then and now.

– Just like in those days, the atmosphere was great with both old and young people in the audience, including some who saw me for the first time. I really loved playing here.
Read: Zurück mit tiefen Purpur [review and interview in German]

The 1.900 strong crowd offered repeated standing ovations to Jon Lord in Essen, writes Neue Ruhr Zeitung, and remarks how Lord with typically understated British humour lead the audience through the evening with little anecdotes.
Read: Seiner Lordschaft bat zum Ba-rock [review in German]

Read more reviews and comments on Jon Lord’s show in Essen.

If you spot other media appearances with Jon Lord in Essen, please let us know.


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