Getting ready for Burn and Lazy in Sweden

Jon Lord has arrived at Falkenberg, Sweden, where he will guest with Robert Wells’ Rhapsody In Rock Saturday evening.

In his blog, Robert Wells talks about Jon Lord arriving for the rehearsals.

– Hearing Burn with the Hammond organ was fantastic. When I was 12 years old, my brother brought home Deep Purple’s Made In Japan album, so it’s not a bad feeling rehearsing Lazy with Jon Lord today, writes Robert Wells.

Get tickets to see Jon Lord with Robert Wells tonight, July 11.
Rhapsody In Rock website.

2 thoughts on “Getting ready for Burn and Lazy in Sweden

  1. Thank you very much Mr. Jon Lord for allowing me to meet you and get your autogtaf on the show in Falkenberg

  2. Jon, hope you will be able to guest on Purple’s next album, when they go into the studio in February ’10.

    -James Gemmell,
    Grand Rapids, Michigan

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