Video: Jon Lord and Albert Lee live in Sweden

Jon Lord and guitarist Albert Lee performed blistering versions of Lazy, Burn and Smoke On The Water together at Saturday night’s Rhapsody In Rock-show at Falkenberg, Sweden. This was Lord’s and Lee’s first performance together since recording Gemini Suite in 1971.

The performance also featured orchestra and singer Jakob Samuel from Swedish band The Poodles, and a few video highlights have appeared on Youtube:

Highlights from Lazy:

Highlights from Burn:

Highlights from Smoke On The Water:


5 thoughts on “Video: Jon Lord and Albert Lee live in Sweden

  1. It’s great to see Jon reunited with Albert Lee. I’m not sure but I think apart from “Gemini Suite” Lee also played on “First of the Big Bands”, so it’s been 35 years since the two performed together for the last time.

    Also it’s good to see Jon returning to some more Deep Purple stuff. Last year he started playing “Child In Time”, then “Pictures of Home” and only in the last two months he also performed songs off the Mk3 and Mk4 era. Thanks Jon!

  2. Just love the headbanging choir.
    There is no one who can do the Hammond like that,hope Jon gives it plenty at Lichfield!!

  3. This is just simply amazing! You guys Rock like no one else! It sounds even better than Deep Purple itself! Rock On – Jon! I want to see you playing here in the states!

  4. Jon,
    Please wake up Ritchie and drag him out and do some shows together. It would be great to hear the both of you on stage together again. It does not matter who plays with the two of you. Just get him back to the Stratocaster for a night or two. You guys made some of the greatest music together, don’t let it end the way it did without getting back together for at least one more time.

  5. Mr Lord,

    I am completely agree with Tom. Just ask to Mr Blackmore, and do it. And then, no regrets.

    Bien à vous,

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