Standing ovation at Lichfield Cathedral

Jon Lord’s Friday night concert at Lichfield Cathedral recieved a standing ovation for its strong cross section of music from his solo career.


With the Badke String Quartet and his group, Jon Lord presented music that included brand new pieces along with stuff from his older solo albums.


Singers Steve Balsamo and Kasia Laska delivered stunning versions of Wait A While and The Sun Will Shine Again along with Deep Purple’s Soldier Of Fortune and Child In Time, the latter performed (probably) for the first time without guitar.

The full set list was available via Twitter as the show was happening. Sign up, it’s free.

As I Walked Out One Evening (new)
De Profundis
Miles Away
Pictured Within
From The Windmill
The Telemann Experiment


Evening Song
Air On A Blue String (new)
Unsquare Dance (borrowed)
Soldier Of Fortune


Wait A While
The Sun Will Shine Again
Child In Time


16 thoughts on “Standing ovation at Lichfield Cathedral

  1. Can i be the first to say last night in Lichfield was fantastic.

    A three hour drive in the pouring rain on congested roads to get there not withstanding.

    More please!

    The filming looked rather professional. Can we expect a DVD?

  2. Those who were there, please, tell me what Jon said when he introduced The Sun Will Shine Again? Was the one whom this song was written for present?

  3. great concert not seen jon lord live since purple around 2001 superb in my home town too!! pity i had a pillar in the way obscuring jon apart from when he was on the hammond! which wasnt half enough child was a shock soldier great too. really good singers
    i had forgotten how much i used to listen to sarabande hadnt heard it for donkeys years but as soon as i heard those songs i was taken right back spent today looking for a cd copy!!
    emigrating to canada a week today a great way to leave england also got to meet jon in the morning and ask the question about mk3! weve all seen mk2 that would be a dull reunion especially as we all know ig and rb hate each other
    all the best jon please try to get to ontario with this great show- far better than anything purple are doing

  4. An amazing night – beautiful and uplifting – in the beautiful surrounds of Lichfield Cathedral! Also had a 3 hour drive take 5 hours in heavy traffic and torrential rain but worth every second! Thank you! A DVD would be wonderful or even a CD! 😉

  5. A stunning evening, turned up not really knowing what to expect, left after a fine evening that was both intense and relaxing – some splendid music, many styles, accomplished musicians loving what they are doing. Loved The Sun Will Shine Again – but a stunning version of Child In Time that just had to be played in this venue.
    Many thanks to Jon Lord for continuing to extend and enjoy the world of music, for the charm and smiles he shared and the rest of the musicians there.

  6. Jon Lord introduced the song and explained that Sam Brown had written the words to Frida about a hard time that Frida had been going through. Briefly he mentioned that the title of the song was a quote of something he had said to Frida.

  7. Thanks Jon for a fantastic evening.. I first saw DP at the Rainbow in about ’72 and have followed Jon and DP since then. When Jon retired from DP and started concentrating on his classic work I introduced my wife to his music (she is a classic fan)and we now share the joy of Jon’s work… more UK concets please.


  8. Thank you, Rasmus. So Frida might have been present as well as not. Sounds very much like her 🙂

    Anyway, I hope very much Jon will perform The Sun Will Shine Again either in St.Petersburg or Moscow – I’m dying to hear this wonderful piece of music live!

  9. It was a fantastic night in the Cathedral. I only hope that what was showing on the side screens was recorded and will be released on DVD.
    The music was beautiful. The drums didnt sound too good on the night but luckily they were used sparingly. (nothing wrong with the drummer just the acoustics) The flute was a bit low in the mix most of the night. More UK concerts please Jon. I came home on Friday night so inspired by it all that I immediately booked a ticket for Dublin and my plane and hotel. Roll on September! More of you should think about going. My flight cost me £16 return (thats WITH taxes on Ryanair). The ticket in the second row of the concert cost me 25 euros(about £21) and good hotel (Jackson Court) 5 mins from concert hall 40 euros! An evening with Jon Lord and a full orchestra and a few pints of the black stuff for less than going to see Deep Purple at the NEC, with booking charges and parking. Plus with Jon Lord you never know what he is going to play unlike purple. I have been to 34 deep purple concerts since Knebworth including Melbourne. I very much doubt I will see them again live. I went to see Cry Free in Budapest 2 years ago. It was actually better than seeing the “real” thing. Finally Kate – Frida wasnt there. He was saying that everyone fancied the blonde one in Abba so I really doubt she was there.

  10. Oh he really said that? lol Well, Frida has a great sense of humor, so she could have been there, why not, and had a good laugh over everything as well 🙂

  11. Having already booked up for Dublin I am now off to Russia for three concerts. And then I am off to Siegen, unfortunately I cant make it to the Kiel gig as my selfish sister wants to get married that day. However a false dose of swine flu offers a get out clause so I may still be in attendance.
    Where Jon and his music goes so do I.
    The LORD is my shepherd and all that.
    Please play Birmingham Symphony Hall. My kids are wondering why there is no butter on thier bread! It aint cheap following you around.

  12. It’s great to hear that the show could have actually been filmed. It would be wonderful to have it on DVD as the setlist was really varied that night and judging from your comments it was a really performance overall.

    What about “As I Walked Out One Evening”. Can you elaborate on the composition?

    As for “Air On A Blue String” it had alredy been performed before in Zermatt (the unplugged concert) in April 2008.

  13. The first piece was slow and gentle with a touch of sadness. With most of Jon’s music, the first time you hear it, you experience it in the moment, but it takes a few more listens before you’d be able to properly describe the music.

    Yes, as a work in progress, Air On A Blue String was performed at Zermatt – watch it here: – but for Lichfield it had grown a much more elaborate and gorgeous arrangement with the string quartet.

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