Pictured in Plovdiv

September 3, 2009

A slew of fan filmed footage from Jon Lord’s concert in Plovdiv, Bulgaria on September 1 has surfaced on Youtube. The concert took place before an ecstatic capacity audience in the city’s ancient Roman theatre.

On vocals were Doogie White – standing in for Steve Balsamo – and Kasia Laska together with Ivaylo Zvezdomirov, Venko Poromanski and Darin Vasilev (all from the Bulgarian band TE), and the Plovdiv Philharmonic Orchestra, directed by Naiden Todorov.

deutschland_flag_25Click and watch.

The Telemann Experiment:

Organ solo:


Soldier Of Fortune:

Child In Time:



  1. I ve been there perfect concert !

  2. Doogie is great !

  3. just watched the vids Doogie is just marvelous !

  4. Unfortunately I couldn’t join the concert. But what I seen from videos it have been marvelous. I hope that Mr. Jon Lord will came to Bulgaria once again.

  5. Unfortunately I couldn’t join the concert.But I’ve seen it on National TV.

  6. I came from little Denmark not knowing what my brother Rino had instord for me. Came for Copenhagen landed i Sofia, drow to Plovdiv and heard a wonderful concert and now a great fan of Jon Lord. Fantastic performance from everybody. Thank you Jon.

  7. It was a spectacular concert!!!

    One of the best events for 2009 in Bulgaria!

    No words can describe it!

    God bless you, Jon!!!

    See you soon!

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