Review: Reduced to tears in Dublin

Jon looking Lucerne09‘I have to say that last night was the best concert I have ever been to,’ writes Dave Morrissey of Jon Lord’s concert in Dublin on September 24.

Here is the rest of his review:

‘Having missed out on hearing the Concerto live up to now, I was really please to find the entire piece would be performed last night. And it was a stunning rendition, especially hearing it just two rows from the front of the stage.

The Concerto performance alone would have been worth the ticket price but Jon gave us much more than that. Plenty of selections from his solo work as well as a few Purple tunes thrown into the mix.

I was reduced to tears during this gig – the music hit me full on from the first notes. Jon, thank you for last night (and for all the years)!

Dave Morrissey’

facebook f28On Jon Lord’s Facebook-page you can read a more elaborate review of the Dublin show.

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deutschland_flag_25Photo thanks: Bernhard Welz.

12 thoughts on “Review: Reduced to tears in Dublin

  1. Just a brief note from the two guys sitting the shadow of the mighty Hammond (Row B 29 and 30) in Dublin last night.

    To paraphrase Jon himself it was worth the two hundred mile roundtrip (I would do it over broken glass if necessary) to see the man himself in fine mettle, so full of enthusiasm and warmth and clearly having the time of his life on stage.

    The RTE orchestra was in fine tune and solists were outstanding. Steve Blasamo and Katia are two very fine, accomplished and beautiful (voiced) singers. Pictured within and waita while two of my all time favourites.

    It was wonderful to hear the Concerto live, and to see and hear the rapturous reaction of the Dublin audience will stay forever embedded in the memory. No words could adequately convey the great pleasure it was for both us to hear Child in Time and the other splendid music, recreated and played with such passion, commitment and skill by all concerned.

    Congratulations to one and all for an outstanding show and I’m sure Sir Malcolm Arnold will a wry smile to himself in heaven and din’t child grow up well and keep fresh for its 40th?

    May the music and it’s wonderful composer be around for many more birthdays.

    Tony and Brendan Bannon Annalong and Newcastle County Down

  2. We travelled 1500Km to see this concert and we do not regret it!
    Compliments and please continue this way.
    From Italy with affection. Please come visit us, the Arena di Verona would be your ideal stage!

  3. I cannot agree more with Tony and Brendan… I was sitting Just behind them and it was a sensational night.
    For me too, I think it may have been my best concert, although Brian Wilson and his band are very close behind…but different genre, so…. Jon rocks…. and the Orchestra, all stars to a man,and woman
    Thank you Jon, a privilege to hear music that I am sure will still be played in 100 – 200 years time,

  4. We were in the balcony, 2nd row.
    To be blown away was expected. The constant goosebumps and tears were not.
    Incredible night.

  5. An emotional roller coaster!

    From the rousing 1st and 3rd movements of The Concerto to the spine tingling versions of Pictured Within & Wait A While, it was an unforgettable night.

    Jon was on top form and the interactions with the RTE Orchestra were seemless. These people worked together for only a couple of days though you wouldn’t have thought so.

    Best of all was meeting The Man afterwards. The ultimate gentleman, willing to stop & talk. Sorry Jon I’ll make sure not to be “too smart” again and we did come out “smiling seriously” in the photo.

    After listning for over 30 years to Jon it was great to finally meet the Great Man. Only way I can describe it is like meeting an old friend for the first time. Thanks again…

  6. Dave, I’m envious. I too was waiting around after the show hoping to shake Jon’s hand and thank him for all the musical pleasure he’s given me since I was a child. Alas I never got to do that. Ah well, I’m hoping I’ll make up for it if Jon’s comes this way again and I’m hoping he will.

  7. Yeah Dave it was magic. A big thank you to the NCH staff who were very obliging in this respect. Just saw in another interview Jon says that he’d love to write something for Ritchie. Well why not Jon, and you guys come to the Consert Hall and debut it??

  8. Just got back from Dublin after deciding to spend a few days in the city after the concert.
    What a fantastic night, I’ve seen the concerto performed around 12 times now and this was the best yet. The orchestra was fantastic. Even better than the LSO. Jons band played amazing especially the guitarist who had Richies sound of 69 of to a tee.
    Jon himself was everything we have come to expect from him at every performance. I was lucky enough to be sat in the front row just in front of Steve and Katia. She seemed genuinely moved listening to the concerto (especially my own favourite bit-the beautiful rousing crescendo in the middle of the second movement. It still brings tears to my eyes even after hearing it so many times). And what a bonus to here “The Road from Lindisfarne” from the Durham concerto, if only he added the opening movement as well. I would really like Jon to play a few more concerts in Britain and Ireland. I think a Belfast gig and the symphony hall in Birmingham are due a visit. Also, any news on the July 17th Lichfield concert coming out on DVD? Another fantastic night I would love to see again. As for Dublin. Thank you for yet another magical night Jon. Roll on Edinburgh on October 5th.

  9. I was four from the front below Jon’s onstage position. Fantastic. Up there with any gigs I’ve seen. My highlight was ‘road to lindisfarne’ and then into my top purple track ‘soldier of fortune’. Jon just has class.period. The concert got me thinking of how good Jon/Richie, Cov etc are. It is like pure magic that all the pieces blend into one.
    I got to meet Jon afterwards and he signed ‘Come taste the band’ for me. Funny the Child in Time is the same age as me!

  10. Yes sir a graet bit of work never heard jons solo musoc before it gave me an excuse to get the young lad to go to the nct.11yrs old he had a great nite,wanted to hear the smoke on the water,but got to hear a lot more.thanks for a memorable nite jon.the balconey .mick and eoghan.

  11. What a wonderful evening. I flew over from Sweden just for the concert and I’m glad I did. The Concerto was played with such enthusiasm that it was a delight to hear. I think the conductor, David Brophy, ran a marathon; he worked so hard always demanding more and more from the orchestra. And they did deliver, the RTE Orchestra did a great job and played very, very well. And Jon, what can you say? What a man, pure genius. He kept the rock band in line and at the same time he played his parts perfect. That is quite a feat. The concert was done in an hour and the time just flew by. It was a marvellous performance.

    After a break they played some music from a band, who ever they there, that he used to play with. They started with Pictures of Home arranged for band and orchestra. A new and exiting version of that song. Through the evening they played music from Saraband, Picture Within and Beyond the Notes. The Telemann Experiment is one of my favourites and it was just one of the evening’s highlights, well what wasn’t a highlight. And to top it of they started the encores with Roses and Gala from The Durham Concerto (which just happens to be my favourite concert, I rank that with the music of Beethoven, Mozart and Bach any day). What a wonderful surprise. If they only had played the entire concerto. The evening ended with Soldier of Fortune and the wonderful Child in Time.

    I’ve seen twelve Deep Purple concerts, Rainbow, Whitesnake as well as concerts with the Berliner Philharmonic and the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra but this was just one of my best concerts ever if not the best. Jon Lord is a musical genius and an outstanding performer. The vocal parts where sung by Steve Balsamo and Kasia Laska and they had lovely voices that made these songs justice. The conductor, the Orchestra, the band, the singers and the man himself Jon Lord gave me something that I will never forget. To quote George Harrison “My sweet Lord”.

    Bo Olsson, Swedish fan

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