St. Petersburg: Images from the road

Jon Lord pictured in St. Petersburg getting ready for his concert there on October 12.


Jon Lord having fun in with (from left) singers Kasia Laska and Steve Balsamo, and conductor Fabio Mastrangelo.

StP poster_4075

Moscow 2009Jon Lord in Russia
October 15 – GKCZ Rossiya, Moscow, Russia – tickets
– Concerto for Group and Orchestra and more performed by Jon Lord with Steve Balsamo, Kasia Laska, Cry Free and the Moscow Symphonic Orchestra, conducted by Vladimir Ziva.

One thought on “St. Petersburg: Images from the road

  1. I’ll be very happy if Mr.Lord decide to play Concerto in Serbia.This will be my happiest day in life!
    Russian Concerto is…Just,FANTASTIC!!!
    Greetings from Serbia!

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