Russian TV embraces Jon Lord

tv1cJon Lord’s recent visit to Russia recieved a rich amount of TV coverage.

The Moscow show alone was covered by four different reports that included interviews with Jon Lord, locals fans and footage of both rehearsals and the concert.

Watch the four clips here:

Concert report #1 with interview and live footage (2:31 minutes):

Concert report #2 with interview and live footage (3:22 minutes):

Rehearsal report with interview:

Interview (7:27 minutes):


2 thoughts on “Russian TV embraces Jon Lord

  1. I just watched some of the clips from MOscow. Where can the t-shirts with JOn on then be purchased.I will buy a couple

    thanks Dick

  2. Thanks for those clips! A lot of interesting stuff, indeed. Maybe somebody from Russia could send us a translation, especially of the last interview with gaspadin Lord.

    The other interesting thing was a selection of live clips incorporated into the last interview. I even noticed a brief shot of the late Sir John Mortimer and of course shots from the premiere of “Durham Concerto”. It seems that most of the shows Jon has played in the recent years have been filmed. Let’s hope we’ll get to see them.

    Good luck, Jon!

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