Captured in Siegen

October 28, 2009

Last Friday, Jon Lord performed the Concerto for Group and Orchestra in Siegen, Germany with local Deep Purple tribute band Demon’s Eye. Watch these clips that include a complete take of Child In Time.

Excerpts incl. the Concerto and Soldier of Fortune:

Child In Time, pt 1:

Child In Time, pt. 2:



  1. totally amazing !! I was there and it’s the best version of Child in time since I saw Deep Purple for the first time in 1985… Friday night I was back in 1972 with the wonderful duet Lord/Zyk !!!

  2. It was a great and wonderful and amazing evening!!!

    This concert will be making history!!!

    Thank you Demnon´s Eye – wow you are the best!!!
    Thanks on the orchestra – you do a great job!!!
    And last but not at least – Mr. Sir Jon Lord!!!
    Such wonderful sound on the Orgel and Piano!!!

    And thanks for the meet & greet – it was a big pleasure and honor to meet you Sir!!!

  3. Hallo Jon

    unfortunately I never have had the pleasure to hear Deep Purple in the 70’s as I simply was too young!
    The friday concert in Siegen was really embarassing and marvellous! Surely Demon’s Eye is really a great DP cover band and also the orchestra really was great. But Sir Jon Lord it was a big pleasure listening to you playing the Hammond!! Unfortunately there are no other concerts in sight ( at least not near to Munich )! Thank you very very much for a a perfect evening!

  4. It was wonderful. The best since Deep Purple Mark II.

    I’ve enjoyed this concert in Siegen.

    I hope Jon Lord will give another evenings like this one in future.

  5. Dear Mr. Lord.
    I would like to thank you for the wonderful evening in the Siegerlandhalle at Siegen/Germany. I feel very honoured to have participated in this performance. You will remain one of my recollection.
    Yours sincerely

    Henning Becker

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