Captured in Siegen

Last Friday, Jon Lord performed the Concerto for Group and Orchestra in Siegen, Germany with local Deep Purple tribute band Demon’s Eye. Watch these clips that include a complete take of Child In Time.

Excerpts incl. the Concerto and Soldier of Fortune:

Child In Time, pt 1:

Child In Time, pt. 2:


5 thoughts on “Captured in Siegen

  1. totally amazing !! I was there and it’s the best version of Child in time since I saw Deep Purple for the first time in 1985… Friday night I was back in 1972 with the wonderful duet Lord/Zyk !!!

  2. It was a great and wonderful and amazing evening!!!

    This concert will be making history!!!

    Thank you Demnon´s Eye – wow you are the best!!!
    Thanks on the orchestra – you do a great job!!!
    And last but not at least – Mr. Sir Jon Lord!!!
    Such wonderful sound on the Orgel and Piano!!!

    And thanks for the meet & greet – it was a big pleasure and honor to meet you Sir!!!

  3. Hallo Jon

    unfortunately I never have had the pleasure to hear Deep Purple in the 70’s as I simply was too young!
    The friday concert in Siegen was really embarassing and marvellous! Surely Demon’s Eye is really a great DP cover band and also the orchestra really was great. But Sir Jon Lord it was a big pleasure listening to you playing the Hammond!! Unfortunately there are no other concerts in sight ( at least not near to Munich )! Thank you very very much for a a perfect evening!

  4. It was wonderful. The best since Deep Purple Mark II.

    I’ve enjoyed this concert in Siegen.

    I hope Jon Lord will give another evenings like this one in future.

  5. Dear Mr. Lord.
    I would like to thank you for the wonderful evening in the Siegerlandhalle at Siegen/Germany. I feel very honoured to have participated in this performance. You will remain one of my recollection.
    Yours sincerely

    Henning Becker

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