Review: Jon Lord’s sound storm in Kiel

‘It was impossible to not let yourself be captivated by the powerful sound of musical thunder which erupted between the band, the orhcestra and Jon Lord.’

Thus writes Kieler Leben in their review of Jon Lord’s successful Sunday concert in Kiel, Germany.

Read the full review in German and see more photos.

2 thoughts on “Review: Jon Lord’s sound storm in Kiel

  1. Oh dear Jon!
    So great the concert in Kiel was yesterday evening, so fascinated i was with the live-performance of Lord-pieces i so long knew (from vinyl) as ‘Bourée’ and ‘Gigue’. Thank you so very much for this exciting enjoyment!
    And then the final piece ‘Child in time’ cloded a great evening.

    I do love the music of Jon since 1971 and it will never stop.

    Best wishes and stay hale and hearty.


  2. JON LORD in KIEL, Germany!!! 40 Years i dreamt of this moment, and now it became true!
    HE war here in Kiel, in my hometown! When you ask me in the next years: when did you cry for the last time? I would say, when JON LORD played in Kiel, and I was sitting with my loving and lovely wife in the 1st row 2 Meters from JON away, and he played all my favourites!!!
    I am 52 years old, and I have seen many and many concerts, but: THIS WAS THE BEST EVER! THANK YOU, JON!
    See you in Potsdam!

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