Pictured in Potsdam

A selection of fan filmed footage from Jon Lord’s rehearsal and concert in Potsdam, Germany on January 23.

Concerto pt 1 (rehearsal)

Concerto pt 2 (rehearsal)

Gigue Hammond solo (rehearsal)

Evening Song with Kasia Laska (concert)

Child in Time with Steve Balsamo (concert)

Thanks to Nigel Young.


6 thoughts on “Pictured in Potsdam

  1. This was really nice!!!! I wish i was there, but everytime when you make a gig i can not come 😦 , please more concerts in germany!!!

  2. Fantastic. I saw the show in Dublin on September 24. A live recording, please! An evening with Jon Lord.
    Bo Olsson, Sweden

  3. Glad I found these films. Great to see and hear Jon Lord again after all these years. Used to attend all the Deep Purple concerts we could back in the 1970’s here in Oklahoma, USA. Rock on!

  4. Jon, is there a chance for a live album with the 40th anniversary performance of Concerto in Dublin last year?

  5. A truly memorable & moving performance, congratulations to all for their great efforts for 2 3/4 hours!
    Arriving that morning it was a shock breathing in air at -12, a few hours sleep at lunch, out to find our way around and a 5 minute walk to the concert hall.
    Great seats and a night never to forget, great performances from start to finish with Child in Time proving very popular but my favourites would be Soldier of Fortune and Pictured Within – thank you Jon and a real joy to meet you briefly afterwards at the hotel!

    Live music should be heard like this!!!

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