Trondheim: Fantastic concert!

‘Fantastic concert at the cathedral last night!’

Trond J Strøm writes about Jon Lord’s concert at Trondheim’s Nidaros cathedral. It concluded with a dedication to Ronnie James Dio.

‘The evening built up from the calm and purely classical pieces from Jon Lord’s latest CD To Notice Such Things via the vocal pieces from Pictured Within to two tracks from Sarabande.’

‘It concluded with Soldier of Fortune and the best version of Child in Time I have ever seen live. At the end The Sun Will Shine Again was dedicated to Ronnie James Dio.’

‘Bass and drums from Opeth were more than competent, and the Lord Chamber Orchestra – put together for this occasion as both Trondheim Soloists and Trondheim Symphony Orchestra are away on tour – showed that even in a difficult situation, Trondheim can muster fantastic musicians.’

Photo from the afternoon rehearsals: © Trond J Strøm
Concert photo: Tove Hellberg


One thought on “Trondheim: Fantastic concert!

  1. I agree completely – it was probably the best concert I have ever been to! – and I have also been to Jon Lord’s two prevoius concerts in Nidarosdomen. But one question; if the musicians were not from neither the Trondheim soloists nor the Symphony Orchestra (which I had the impression they were, from the news’ pieces given in the local press & media upfront of the concert), who were they then? – because they were extremely well performing throughout the whole concert!

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