Getting ready for the show

Jon Lord spent the afternoon rehearsing with the Royal Liverpool Philharmonics for tonight’s concert.

On the stage at the art deco Philharmonic Hall, the musicians with conductor Clark Rundell at the helm, ironed out minor wrinkles in the evening’s musical programme.

Miller Anderson (who is standing in for Steve Balsamo at short notice) sang Pictured Within with such perfect feel and casual ease that it felt like he’d only just recorded the original version yesterday – not 13 years ago!

The new instrumental version of Evening Song sounded fresh in the hands of the Liverpool orchestra (who recorded it last year for Jon Lord’s new album To Notice Such Things), and Concerto for Group and Orchestra also took on a new twist.

Watching from the stalls was conductor Paul Mann, who conducted the Concerto numerous times on the road with Deep Purple in 1999 and 2000.

– This was actually the first time I’ve sat and just listened to the piece being played, he said with enthusiasm.

– I conducted it so many times with Deep Purple, but since then, Jon has played it with many other orchestras that it has developed a completely new feel.

Mann and Royal Liverpool Philharmonics conductor Clark Rundell are old friends, and Paul Mann offered unreserved thumbs up to the Liverpool interpretation.

Conductors extraordinaire: Paul Mann and Clark Rundell

Tonight’s show will also include a new band-less arrangement of The Telemann Experiment.

The final tickets are still available on the door.


5 thoughts on “Getting ready for the show

  1. Jon,
    Thank you for a beautiful night of music, and delaying your wine drinking to sign and chat
    with love Sue

  2. Last night’s concert(o) at The Liverpool Philharmonic was absolutely fantastic. The orchestra and band played the piece in perfect harmony with each other. It was a very rousing performance.
    And many thanks to Jon Lord for taking time out to meet the fans after the show.


  3. Jon, this was a brilliant concert – everything I’d hoped for and more. Even my wife, who was not sure about what to expect, was completely overwhelmed by the concert – and by yourself. I’d have loved to meet you at the signing after the concert but unfortunately had to get off – and the line was very very long.

    As someone who enjoys playing piano and Hammond both classically and in some amateur bands in my youth, you have always been my favorite keyboard player (although this was the first time I’ve managed to see you live) – and I have always been amazed by your classical works…. but seeing and hearing this work live – with the nuances that your playing and the Liverpool Phil (who were, as you said, absolutely superb) – brought your works so much more to life – brilliant…. and well deserving of the minutes of standing ovations!

    Thank you for a great night out, and hopefully you’ll visit Liverpool again in the not too distant future.

  4. I was closer than this….. as I said last night Jon, “f***ing brilliant” (I’ve always had a way with words)
    My friend who is new to your music (yes, I know !) thought the whole evening was purely magical – a woman of taste.
    Thanks mate.

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