Liverpool: Serene melody, steady progress

‘Phil principal flautist Cormac Henry nurtured every contour, from the depths of serenity to the heights of frippery, all befitting Mortimer’s personality.’

These words come from Liverpool Echo’s review of Jon Lord’s concert at the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall on Wednesday – specifically the evening’s performance of his lastest piece, To Notice Such Things, which features Cormac Henry on solo flute.

‘There was an equal abundance of serene melody and gently shifting harmonies in the lovely Evening Song.’

Tracing Jon Lord’s history as a composer, the review concludes, ‘Jon Lord’s personal progress, which includes the Durham Concerto, recorded by the RLPO and now in the Classic FM top 10, has been steady.’

Read the full review.

Photo: Jon Lord during the afternoon rehearsals before the concert.


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