Perfect strangers pictured in Luxembourg

On a warm mid-summer evening, Jon Lord headlined Luxembourg’s national day celebrations with local big band/orchestra OPUS 78 and Kasia Laska and Doogie White on vocals.

Set in Luxembourg City’s historic Square Guillaume, the evening’s first half comprised a handful of rock classics arranged for strings, horns, band and sung by Kasia Laska and Doogie White.

Jon Lord joined for the second half and a storming selection of his solo material and Deep Purple songs – only interrupted by the nearby cathedral’s chiming bells.

The Maestro charmed and rocked the crowd with enthusiasm, and Doogie White and Kasia Laska mesmerized everyone with their vocal supremacy. Perfect Strangers and Pictured Within provided a double-up highlight of the evening.

At the end, Child in Time, held the square breathless for a thunderous climax to a captivating show.

Mission Impossible theme
Live and Let Die (Kasia Laska)
Pinball Wizard (Doogie White)
All By Myself (Kasia)
With a Little Help from My Friends (Doogie)
Who Wants to Live Forever (Kasia)
Bohemian Rhapsody (Doogie)

Second half with Jon Lord:

Pictures of Home (Doogie)
The Telemann Experiment
The Sun Will Shine Again (Kasia)
Hush (Doogie + Kasia)
Perfect Strangers (Doogie)
Pictured Within (Doogie)
Soldier og Fortune (Doogie + Kasia)
Black Night (Doogie)
Child in Time (Doogie + Kasia)

Were you there? Please add your review in the comments below.

7 thoughts on “Perfect strangers pictured in Luxembourg

  1. Great Concert yesterday in Luxembourg where I had the pleasure to be….

    Well, the first song played by Opus78 has nothing to do with James Bond, but was the “Mission Impossible” soundtrack 🙂

    Kasia, you’re the best
    Doogie, you too

    Ramon and Monik

  2. First soccer on TV and later that evening Jon Lord live, it could not be much better. Hush, Soldier of Fortune and of course Child in Time; goose bumps! The weather was good, sound was good and Jon, Kasia, Doogie and Opus 78 you were all perfect! Happy we made the six hour trip. Thank you for a wonderful experience.

  3. Thank you Jon

    The Concert in Luxembourg was fantastic

    Hope to see you again

    With Love

    Patrick an Karin

  4. The choice was watching Germany play in the world cup or to see the show. Well, I didn’t have to think twice. What a wonderful concert. A great choice of songs and good to hear Jon’s Organ on Perfect Strangers. Both Kasia and Dougie contibuted superb vocals. Looking forward to the Blues festival in Lahnstein.

    Ritchie Blackmore and Blackmore’s Night German fanclub

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