Jon Lord takes the Concerto to Italy

February 18, 2011

On April 28, Jon Lord will appear in Palermo on the Italian island of Sicily.

Performing Concerto For Group and Orchestra and various solo and Deep Purple material, Jon Lord will be joined onstage by violinist Anna Phoebe, Kasia Łaska on vocals, local Italian band FlowerStone and Orchestra Sinfonica del Conservatorio Vincenzo Bellini di Palermo conducted by Carmelo Caruso.

Get tickets to see Jon Lord in Palermo.

See all of Jon Lord’s confirmed dates – including Russia, Germany and France.



  1. Jon please add some dates in Italy!!!Palermo is too far away…

  2. Put a date in Milan Jon, I’m from Bergamo, it’s a little far… but I’ll try to be there!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Jon come to “Arcimboldi” theater in Milan, PLEASEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

  4. Tickets bought, we’ll meet there!!! Jon I’m coming!!!! Yeah!!!

  5. Mr. Lord we would like to see you sometimes in Bosnia, too. We would be able to organize that, with pleasure.

    Thank you.

  6. I’ve done a journey from Bergamo to Palermo only for you and your music. I am the boy that screamed “In Lord we trust”, and you answered “I’ve paid him 10 euros!!” It was a wonderful concert, Hope you understand that Italy deeply loves you. Hope to see you again (even if I failed in getting a photo with you..) Thanks for every single note you’ve played in your life.

  7. Hello everybody, here’s the RAI television news about the first ever Concerto performance in Italy by Jon Lord
    Performing with him was the biggest honour in my life
    massimo – FlowerStone

  8. I could never have said Jon has a healt issue, his huge heart is still performing great. Please, Jon, come back soon

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