Jon Lord’s Concerto for young German group and orchestra

In March, Braunschweig’s Jugend-Sinfonie-Orchester will perform Jon Lord’s Concerto for Group and Orchestra with local rock band Midnight.

Explains conductor Knut Hartmann:

– We are very, very, very happy to have been able to study the Concerto for Group and Orchestra by Jon Lord. Our young people love this opus, even if it is for a young orchestra very difficult to play.

– For me the Concerto is not only a work of “cross over”. I see and hear it as a continuation of a long tradition, beginning with Bach’s Brandenburgische Konzerte, Mozart’s symphonies concertante, Beethoven’s tripelkonzert and other works of this kind. For me it is a big joy to study this score, and I think this opus and its ideas will live on like the symphonies by Beethoven, Brahms or Bruckner, says Knut Hartmann, conductor of Braunschweig’s Jugend-Sinfonie-Orchester.

Jugend-Sinfonie-Orchester and rock band Midnight will perform Jon Lord’s Concerto three times this March. Jon Lord will not perform at these concerts.

March 8 – 19:00 at Stadthalle Braunschweig, Germany
March 18 and 27 – 11:00 at Staatstheater Großer Saal, Braunschweig, Germany

Find out more:
Listen to radio commercial for the concert
Jugend-Sinfonie-Orchester Braunschweig


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