Video: Go on tour with Jon Lord

When Jon Lord toured Russia earlier this year, Hungarian band Cry Free was with him all the way, playing the group parts of all the concerts.

Now, Cry Free and singer Kasia Laska have released a fascinating video diary from this tour. You can follow the band and watch their rehearsals and concerts with Jon and the different orchestras in Russia.

Get comfortable as Cry Free take you on the road with Jon Lord (44 min.):


4 thoughts on “Video: Go on tour with Jon Lord

  1. 44 minutes. Holy Moly. Ok then first have to find a quiet moment to have a look. But I think it will be worth the look.

  2. Finaly had the time to watch the tour diary. Great footage and nicely done. Love the part where you guy’s were having the rehearsals in the hotel restaurant in St. Petersburg. Diner dansant with a twist. And the catering manager really looks like he enjoys his work. Can only get the impression that the food must have been good.
    Nicely done guy’s

    Cheers and hope to see you on the road again

  3. Jon:

    I have always loved your music. I am a 70’s girl. Smoke on the Water is my favorite. I will keep you in my thoughts and in my prayers until you get well. Holding you in my heart.

    Best in Life,
    Lyn Frew,

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