Jon’s Disguises set for Spain

Jon Lord with Paul Mann, Zermatt 2004

On April 21, Jon’s music will rub shoulders with such esteemed British composers as Malcolm Arnold and Benjamin Britten in Granada, Spain.

That evening, the city’s Auditorio Manuel de Falla will host a programme featuring Jon’s Disguises (off the Boom of the Tingling Strings album), conducted by Paul Mann.

The evening’s full programme:

April 21
Malcolm Arnold: Sinfonietta no. 1
Jon Lord: M.A.s.q.u.e. (from Disguises)
(Dedicated to Malcom Arnold)
Benjamin Britten: Suite on English Folk Tunes (A time there was…), op. 90

On piano will be the winner of the 54th International Piano Competition held in Jaén, Spain on April 12-20.

Jon is not scheduled to appear at the concert.


5 thoughts on “Jon’s Disguises set for Spain

  1. Que bueno que la música de Jon este presente en estos eventos,aunque el por ahora no este fisicamente.

  2. me siento orgulloso de que una persona,a la que yo admiro tanto visite mi tierra de nacimiento,GRANADA.un abrazo JON.

  3. Why does every event and every annoucment have a Germany flag? Even if the title is “Jon’s Disguises set for SPAIN”

  4. Thanks for asking. The flags indicate a German translation of the article – click the flag to read.

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