David Coverdale’s eulogy for Jon

In his eulogy for Jon, David Coverdale remembers first meeting Jon when one of Coverdale’s early bands was supporting Deep Purple.

– A sweet, sweet man. He knew how to elevate your spirit.

He speaks of how Jon comforted him before his audition for Deep Purple in 1973, and of the rehearsals at Clearwell Castle before they recorded the Burn album.

Courtesy of www.davidcoverdale.com

Jon’s Concerto for Group and Orchestra is available from Jon’s webshop.

4 thoughts on “David Coverdale’s eulogy for Jon

  1. Great and respetcful salute to one of te truloy greates musiciansd of our times from a great artist and singer.Thank you David. We miss Jon very much.

  2. Big gretting to David. Excellent voice for rocking. I never forget him and I never forget Jon Lord, He was the principal keyboard musician who did I fall in love about keyboards. I never will go to forget him because Jon Lord was a Master and David Coverdale was a good singer. I am very very sorrow because Jon Lord has gone. At 12 : 00 a.m. , new year, sincerely I will be thinking about Jon Lord. I do not know when a new keyboard musician like Jon Lord will born. I miss this extraordinary keyboards musician

  3. Un excelente cantante, que en su época de Purple dejó su sello por su voz y actuación, nos demuestra lo buen tipo que es al recordar de tl maner al Gran Jon. Gracias Coverdale. Te respeto mucho.

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