Jon remains here and close to us…


Jacky Paice, Jon’s sister-in-law, writes today:

It’s hard to believe that a whole year has passed since the death of Jon. In many ways the pain of losing him still feels so raw and so close but in other ways we breathe a little easier every day knowing that Jon has passed to a better place, free from the pain, the worry, the exhaustion and all the other terrible, terrible realities of cancer. And, while he may have passed, he remains here and close to us every day.

There isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t remember Jon and the wonderful man that he was. If we’re not remembering and reliving our memories of him, sat around the kitchen table at home, we’re working on the concert, speaking with his closest friends on a daily basis, imagining what Jon would have made of all this, awaiting the book that is about to be released, watching him perform on footage as we compile the DVD… He may not physically be here but, in a lot of ways, Jon is more here than he’s ever been.

We have been overwhelmed by the response from friends and fans since the death of Jon. The worldwide response from you all has been enormously helpful in supporting us, and especially my sister Vicky, throughout the last year. At the time, we could never imagine arriving at a place in which the beautiful memories, the fun, the laughter, the time spent together could outweigh the sadness and grief we felt when he left us, and while we may not be there completely, we are certainly well on the way.

To everyone who has taken time to show us how much you loved Jon, we thank you.

To family and friends, we hold your hand.

To Jon, we love you.

Jacky x

Concert for Jon
The Sunflower Jam

39 thoughts on “Jon remains here and close to us…

  1. A very moving tribute to your brother in law, Jacky. I was just thinking yesterday, as I drove my car, of the searing, soaring intro to ‘Lazy’ and I could still feel that thrill I felt when I first heard it as a 13 year old in 1973. No CD playing at the time, the music was all in my head, note for note, still sounding as fresh and relevant as the day it was recorded. How many musicians can you say that of?
    Rest in Peace, Jon. x

  2. Dear Jackie and Family Lord
    the same for me, there is not one day that Jon is not present, either trough the Music or the lyrics and trough his musician friends. Jon is my hero in every aspect of the definition. And I am proud that my Kids share the same admiration for Jons work. Anne-Sophie, 18 years, is in love with the concerto and especially the song “pictured within”. Clemens, 21, is a fan of Jons organ Play, especially the blues and my youngest, 11 years, plays smoke on his flute.
    What a man, what a gigant in Talent, but deep and humble, full of Humor and culture. if there woudl be a nobel prize for musicians, Jon deserves the medal….
    We miss him
    Meinrad Flury

  3. It is sad enough for those who loved Jon through his music so how it has been for those close who loved him as a person does not bear thinking about. I am sure that I am not alone in saying that you have all been in our thoughts in the past year and particularly now as the anniversary comes upon you. For me his music continues to accompany me through life (now just hit 60 !) and always will do. He lifts my spirits even higher when I am happy and gives great comfort and reassurance during the tougher times we all have to face. In my prayers always.
    I met him only once when he and the rest of White Snake invaded the offices where I was working (for some marketing meetings I think. ) I was completely overawed by these tall hairy people who sat on my desk and teased me nicely but teased me none the less……. I was a very gauche twenty something in my first job and blushed to high heaven… But never forgotten that day.

  4. Thank You Jon, For so many years of great music.. not a day goes by that I don’t listen

  5. I always think of Jon, I didn’t knew him as a person but I respected him as a fine and talented musician. He still brings joy into my life just to hear him play on His Hammond. I can enjoy his classical works as well what he did with Deep Purple. Hope to meet him one day on the other shore.

  6. Thanks for your words…Jon Lord will always be the greatest keyboard player ever and one of the most gifted musician in history…I never met him personally but I feel him like a friend that I miss…

  7. Some beautiful words to start my day… thank you! Jon is missed but more importantly, he is loved…

  8. I continue to be inspired by Jon and his music. As a fellow keyboard player myself and one who idolized Jon for so many years, he is one man that I always wanted to meet – if only just to tell him how much he meant to me. Although I never got that chance, it’s of course so good to know that he shared so much of himself through his music. His music, as well as some tidbits of his jovial personality shared through occasional videos, reveals so much about him. Keep the thoughts coming, as they not only remind us of who he was, but continue to allow us to pass along to others so much of what he taught to us.

  9. There is no word to express how life is without him …. ! I wish he is now playing and exploring new music ways in heaven …. with Ronni (James Dio), Steve (Lee) and huge other talents …. Hopefully he left us with so much souvenirs, notes behind ….Thank you Jon, thank you Lazy ! Wish you were (still) here …
    Rest in peace, Jon. With love.

  10. Jacky, there must be literally millions of us all around the world who have pretty much the same story to tell. I grew up with Jon’s music, thinking it the most beautiful and exciting thing possible, while barely a day goes by when I don’t listen to something that Jon was a part of. I have two teenage children who both loved listening to Deep Purple when they were so young they could barely walk, while they’re now old enough for me to be able to speak to them at length about what a wonderful man Jon Lord was. Like the millions of others I spoke about, I can only hope that these simple but vivid stories will be uplifting in some small way to you and to the rest of Jon’s family. God bless Jon and God bless all his family and friends, while every one of us has been blessed on account of his presence on this Earth.

  11. Today I have had nothing but Purple blasting through my speakers. Never ever to be forgotten, the Hammond Master!

    Miss you Jon!

  12. It has ben a privilege to have listened to and loved his music most of my life and to have met this warm, funny and brilliant gentleman. And I am ever proud that he once called me his friend. As long as he is remembered he is alive in us.

  13. Through all these times my thoughts and prayers always are with Jon’s family & friends. I’m still devastated, and can’t even begin to imagine how it must feel for those who knew him best.
    Jon has touched my life, like so many other’s, in more ways than can be told. Not only in terms of music, but most importantly inspiring me to be a better person, motivating to aim higher and push harder and achieve things I wouldn’t dare.
    I was blessed to have met him a few times, he always was the perfect gentleman, attentive, caring, witty and just wonderful. Those most happy memories – now turned bittersweet, and more precious than ever – I will treasure forever. I miss him so much. I know he’ll always be here, in the hearts of people who love him and in his music, but that’s not nearly enough to fill the terrible void.
    Thank you Jacky for your heartfelt words. God bless you and yours. x

  14. My memories of Jon are from the Artwood’s days, four years of travelling around the UK and Europe, endless hours of youthful humour in our cramped bandwagon, wonderful days. Even more poignant now that Jon has joined Art and Keef and all the others in the heavenly big band. Much love to Jon’s family and friends. XX

  15. Such a beautiful, touching tribute, Jacky.
    Jonathan Douglas Lord – a very, very special man. Much missed. His rich, varied body of work and his all round ‘good bloke’ personality is Jon’s wonderful legacy. We’ll never see his like again.
    So many favourites, but Lazy, Space Truckin’, WITSOTB, Bach Onto This, absolutely everything recorded with The Hoochie Coochie Men & 2012’s Concerto for Group And Orchestra stand out.
    God bless you, Jon x.

  16. A year has passed and the sound of his laughter, the pleasure of his performing a delicious story for us over a glass of good wine, his visible joy when part of an impressive ensemble on stage and his warm spirit seem to have become even clearer in my memory.

  17. Jacky, your words were so beautifully phrased…I just returned to Germany from a lovely vacation to Henley on Thames, Hambleden, The Crooked Billet in Stoke Row and many other beautiful places in the UK….and there was not one day that Jon was not on my mind. I wish he could have enjoyed this beautiful surrounding and his family and friends much longer….but yes, he definitley is still here! I am so looking forward to the concert in his memory, and will try to be there for sure! He is truly missed!

  18. By keeping his memory alive people will discover his music …and Jon as a person forever. Thank you Jacky for your thoughts.

  19. So much happiness and love spread from a special, talented person.

    We salute it all with great memorys.

    To Jon – the gentleman in every sense.


  20. What I can say about Master Jon Lord ? I have said many good things about my favorite keyboard player musician JON LORD. Only I can say I am sorry yet since last year. I am sad. I am hurt.

  21. Si por supuesto que se extraña a Jon y mucho a pasado un año muy rapido,llegue a escuchar a DPurple desde que era adolescente y de ello ya han pasado más de 36 años es y sera mi grupo favorito de Rock y bueno a Jon como integrante de el extraordinario desde que lo escuche por vez primera,que Dios lo bendiga donde este,saludos desde la Cd y Pto de Progreso,Yucatán,México.

  22. I think I’ll never have a Hammond organ or less the great talent of Jon, nevertheless today I was sitting at my keyboard reviewing and recalling their creations. The is no longer physically but is more alive than ever in our hearts, I know what it means to lose a loved one, which is why my heart is with his family, but we do not know Jon’s music unites and breaks distances and borders, and that to me is wonderful legacy that Jon Lord gave us.

    Jon Lives, will live forever
    Thanks for giving this great talent that God gave you.
    Mauricio Galvez
    Santiago, Chile

    Creo que nunca llegaré a tener un organo Hammond ni menos el gran talento de Jon, a pesar de ello hoy estuve sentado en mi teclado repasando y recordando sus creaciones. El ya no esta físicamente pero sigue más vivo que nunca en nuestros corazones, sé lo que significa perder a un ser querido, es por ello que mi corazón esta junto a su familia, no nos conocemos pero la música de Jon nos une y rompe las distancias y las fronteras, y eso para mi es lo maravilloso del legado que Jon Lord nos regalo.

    Vives Jon, viviras por siempre
    Gracias por regalarnos ese gran talento que Dios te dió.
    Mauricio Gálvez
    Santiago, Chile

  23. Jacky, what wonderful words. I was just watching the programme on Jon from last weekend and it still brings tears to my eyes. Having been brought up on Deep Purple and (as a piano, keyboard and Hammond player myself) especially Jon, IU have so many memories of his music. Seeing Jon for the first and only time (despite many attempts) with the Liverpool Phil playing Concerto for Group and Orchestra, what came over so much to me was not only that Jon was such a great musician and composer, but that he was such a gentleman (and I really mean gentle man). There was so much he had done and so much he still could have done, but what a legacy he has left us all. I wish you all, family and friends, the strength to get through the hard times and to remember all the good times, in the knowledge that all of his fans are with you. God bless you all.

  24. What lovely words. Thanks!
    Kia Kaha from New Zealand (Maori for ‘Be Strong’).

    Graeme Watson

  25. Yesterday I shed tears for the great Maestro. His Music guides me threw my life over 30 years. Thank you so much, Jon.
    God bless you……………

  26. I still think about Jon daily, and he remains an enormous influence on me both in my piano playing and as a person. You cannot watch the many videos of him on YouTube and not be struck with his kindness and impressed by his intellect. A professional violinist and I have started doing a few gigs together, and we are incorporating some of Jon’s works (Evening Song, Wait A While) into our duet repertoire. We have had numerous requests about “who composed that marvellous music.” Thanks for your eloquent words about Jon, and rest assured that he is remembered lovingly by countless people, and all of you in his family are in our prayers and thoughts as well.

    George in Ohio

  27. My dad passed 3 years ago but I have two pictures of Jon in my bedroom and none of my dad…!!!

    RIP Jon… still in my heart.loved you with the Adelaide S.O.

  28. Dear Jacky,

    thank you for your fine warm words…

    Not a day goes on without thinking about Jon, looking at our picture, or listening / playing his music ranging from the rousing Hammond sound to the delicate piano passages…

    He just IS here within’ the thoughts and sense of hearing – on many many moments literally every day. Therefore His presence is yet more overwhelming than ever. The spiritual connection that neither fades nor ceases to impact in a good way.

    Jon Lord was, is and will be an ocean of things to love, embrace and feel being inspired with.

    We love you and miss you so very much!

    Many heartfelt regards to Jon’s Family and friends.

  29. Eternity. Forever. Perpetual.

    The contributions and loving memory of Jon Lord and his amazing muscial expertise and enlightenment fit right in.

    Johann Sebastian Bach finally has his perfect duet partner – and younger mentor.

  30. a year on and still in our thoughts my brother is four years now same awful desease but never forgotten it is literally all smoke on the water

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