‘The sheer range was breathtaking’

Jeremy Irons by Moth Clark CJL

‘The evening reminded everyone there, including many who had travelled from around the world, that nothing in our civilisation has a greater, more pervasive or longer lasting influence than music in all its forms.’

Jon Lord’s local paper, The Henley Standard, reports from Celebrating Jon Lord at Royal Albert Hall on April 4 with Philip Collings, a loal resident from Jon’s hometown of Henley-on-Thames, giving his impressions of the concert.

The photo shows actor Jeremy Irons as he read the Thomas Hardy poem, Afterwards, over Jon Lord’s piano composition – performed by conductor Paul Mann. Photo by Moth Clark

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2 thoughts on “‘The sheer range was breathtaking’

  1. It was the best concert I have ever seen in my life. Above and Beyod really made me cry.

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