Before I Forget

Before I Forget 20171. Chance on a feeling read the lyrics
2. Tender babes
3. Hollywood rock’n’roll read the lyrics
4. Bach onto this
5. Before I forget read the lyrics
6. Say it’s all right read the lyrics
7. Burntwood
8. Where are you? read the lyrics

9. Going home (7″ b-side)
10. Ravel’s Pavane (album outtake)
11. Bach Onto This (7″ edit)
12. Lady (album outtake)
13. For a Friend (1992/3 session)

Before I Forget 1994Bonus tracks on RPM’s 1994 edition:
10. Pavane (album outtake)
11. Lady (album outtake)
12. For a friend (1992/3 session)
13. Interview (w/Phil Easton)

Jon Lord: Hammond, piano, Moog synthesizers
Tony Ashton, Vicky & Sam Brown, Elmer Gantry: vocals
Bernie Marsden, Mick Ralphs: guitar
Neil Murray, Boz Burrell: bass
Ian Paice, Cozy Powell, Simon Kirke, Simon Phillips: drums
Produced by Jon Lord, assisted by Guy Bidmead

buy-101982 vinyl, Purple Records
1994 CD, RPM Records
2012 CD, EMI Records
2017 CD, Cherry Red Records

12 thoughts on “Before I Forget

  1. This fantastic album is ALWAYS in my Winamp!I’m now listen Bach onto this,amazing song!!!Oh,well,Tender Babes with Cozy’s thundering is also marvelous.
    Great musicians with Mr.Lord!

  2. Someone lent this album to my dad for me to listen to when I was 14 as I play the organ. I was learning the toccata for my practical playing exams.

    I did forget all about the album, apart from the longing to hear it again and the image on the cover.

    I’m now 31 and still play the organ and keyboards.

    Tonight I remembered the name. “before I forget”.

    I’ve managed to source a copy which is fantastic and much as I remember it.

    Listening to this album now my own music makes more sense. I can see the influence it has had.

  3. This is a very important album, as it got jon away from the Hip thrusting charade that was whitesnake and showed us a much better side to Mr Lord.
    I just wish Jon had done more solo stuff during this period. I loved the Diary of an Edwardian lady he did for the major TV drama at the time. Beautiful. Really complimented the programme. Amazingly it seemed to gain more recognition than the programme itself. Jon, please do a british tour, highlighting Pictured within, notes from beyond, Disguises, Boom… and the Durham Concertos. And please please please, I know I keep asking but can you play Symphony Hall in Birmingham. The acoutsics are out of this world!

  4. This album came out in 1982 when I was working as a radio presenter and it is still one of my most prized vinyl albums which I never tire of listening to. I especially remember the track “Where Are You” with the haunting vocals of Elmer Gantry. It was quite a long track but I used to time it out to the second to finish my late night shows as in those days we went off-air at midnight!

  5. i have posted before here, but was erased. i like to say what this album is wonderfull, i listen it everyday. (i hope that this massage no will erase anymore. sorry my bad english!!)

    congratulations of your very very fan from BRAZIL!! Mr. Lord!!

  6. A beautiful and strong piece; with Bad Co. supporting and the voice and presence of Sam Brown, my God, what a woman !

  7. I am amazed that the new release of “Before I Forget”, does not have the absolutely beautiful song, “For a Friend” on it. This is one of Jon’s most moving and under-rated offerings He ever did, in my opinion. I would love to see something done on the website about this song. Did Jon ever refer to it in any interviews? The Man had such a sensitive soul, besides being a world class player of keyboards.

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