Beyond the Notes – Live


01 Sunrise/Picture Within
02 Sarabande
03 I’ll Send You A Postcard
04 Cologne Again
05 Pavane
06 Gigue
07 A Smile When I Shook His Hand / Here Comes The Sun
08 One From The Meadow
09 Unsquare Dance
10 November Calls
11 The Telemann Experiment
12 The Sun Will Shine Again
13 De Profundis
14 Bournee

Live at Vulkanhalle, Köln (Cologne) – October 5, 2004

buy-102004 EMI



  1. A simple request – where can I purchase the dvd release of Beyond the Notes ? Apparently it is not on sale in the UK!!!

  2. Where can i buy this DVD?

  3. only available from Amazon Germany. Have seen the DVD and it is brilliant.

  4. The DVD is also available from the German online retailer JPC for a better price and lower shipping rates…especially for someone like me from Canada.

  5. First time I saw you live was at Deeside Leisure Centre with Whitesnake in 1981. It was an awakening to music for me. Love your work.Cheers Alan.

  6. Is there any way I can have the lyrics for ‘One for the Meadow’? From what I can make out they sound wonderful but I can’t quite get it all – To have them would make my enjoyment of this beautiful song complete

  7. This dvd is the best Jon Lord’s one…the musicianship by all members is astonishing and frightning…

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