Lyrics: The Sun Will Shine Again

The Sun Will Shine Again
from Beyond The Notes
lyrics: Sam Brown
sung by Frida

Inside my mind
The world is watching over
My every move,
Still I am here alone
Uncried tears
They will only fuel my fears
Now, it seems they’re falling
And I feel release … an inner peace
And realize
The sun will shine again.

Though this time
Feels like its never ending
Time will help and heal
These moments will pass
So raise your head, and take up your heart
Hold it closely to you
And the tears and pain will fall away
Like blossom snow
You will know
That you can be your own best friend
The sun will shine again.

Only you can know
How unravelled you’d become
Hold on tight
And let it go……..
The sun will shine again

4 thoughts on “Lyrics: The Sun Will Shine Again

  1. One of the most beautiful songs ever written. Watch the video made in Switzerland around christmass several years ago with Jon and band and Frida performing this coupled with Christmass experiment which she also performs. I wish this whole Christmass service were available on dvd? George

  2. when you have hard time, lost a child, the pain. You hear this song , singing by Frida, its helps so much. So beautiful.

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