Boom of the Tingling Strings

boom-tingling_41dxgy-lzbl_sl160_Boom of the Tingling Strings
1. Adagio assai
2. L’istesso Tempo
3. Adagio
4. Allegro giusto

5. M.A.s.q.u.e. (Poco Adagio – Allegro moderato e poco pesante)
6. Music for Miriam (Adagio)
7. Il Buffone (G.C.) (Allegro vivace)

Odense Symphony Orchestra conducted by Paul Mann
Piano on Boom of the Tingling Strings: Nelson Goerner

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Boom of the Tingling Strings

2008 EMI Classics

10 thoughts on “Boom of the Tingling Strings

  1. Bonjour Jon,

    j’ai acheté, écouté et réécouté ce disque et j’y trouve l’émergence de bien des airs déjà entendus. La musique est en vous, Jon. Et elle est belle. Je réécouterai encore et encore cet opus, avec à chaque fois le même plaisir.
    Continuez, Jon, à produire toutes les musiques. Vous y excellez.
    Be seeing You

  2. This is one of the most wonderful musical experiences I’ve had in a long time. I’ve been listening to this album every second day since the beginning of April and every time there is something new: a note, a whisper, a shadow, a tear, a smile, a feeling, an emotion… Thank you, Jon, you are truly the best!

  3. Please let us all know how to rent or buy your music. I would like to perform the Disquises Suite. It is a wonderful wonderful piece. The audiences of Minneapolis in Minnesota need to hear this!!!

  4. Hi Jon
    I regret I didnt had/took the time to go to concert in Odense a few years ago. Im going to listen to your old fellers on sunday in Odense. Im not happy you are not there, as Im a big fan of you – how you play and how you act or may I say behave.
    Do yopu have any plans to go come to Denmark in the near future?
    Best regards

    Lars Skifter

  5. Sadly,in Serbia i don’t have a option to buy this wonderful music experience…i listen it and……..Just FANTASTIC!!!
    I’ll be very happy if Jon decide to play in Serbia.In my country Jon have a lot of funs,believe me!!!

  6. Been With Purple Since The Beginning.

    Everytime I Hear Your Music, It’s So Wonderful I Say


  7. Dear Jon,
    (for what it’s worth) this short e-mail just to give you a glimpse of my reactions after listening to the «Boom Of The Tingling Strings» CD.
    Well, first of all in my hyper-humble opinion I guess the CD should have been called «Disguises».
    I rate that much more than «Boom», to me it seems much more personal, much more Jon Lord both from an autobiographical point of view and, more important, from a musical personality point of view, despite eventual quotation/influences. Listening to «Disguises» I feel it’s Jon Lord.
    «Boom» is OK but the music seems to fail (IMO) to go «under your skin».
    I was really curious to listen to this new EMI Classics release and, said that you best solo work remains (always in my opinion obviously) «Sarabande», I’m not disappointed. «Music For Miriam» (and the whole «Pictured Within» album) really deserved/es a far better «suit», and the orchestral version outshines the previous one. I like «Disguises».
    You say «M.A.sque» but I sometimes/rather listen/feel «DSCHsque», or maybe it’s just me, who loves the Russian XX century music to death (they suffered so much that they came up with – obviously – great music) and «listen that» everywhere!
    Remaining on the quotation/influences (you started that Jon with your comments over the ’69 Concerto DVD!) I could mention Copland (Appalachian Spring) for «Music For Miriam» and again sketches of Shostakovich for the third pièce.
    While – one last shot – I’d say Gershwin for the «Boom» II movement. Btw I’m completely wrong maybe.
    Anyway as I said I really like «Disguises». It’s a nice composition, well crafted, never boring. One can feel your excellent musical taste all along the score.
    …I could go on further describing my reaction to the CD, but the reason of my e-mail is to try (to encourage) to push you forward (though I guess you really don’t need this).
    I share your love for music at 360°, I do love classical from the XVI century up to the latest works, I do love Purple, I love Zeppelin, I love (Miles) Davis, and I think you’re in an ideal position to translate all your love for music at 360° in some new TOP classical contemporary opus.
    I think you can (and MUST) do much much better than this. I guess you have all that’s needed.
    For the next opera I’m waiting for some substantial «step-ups».
    I think you can project yourself «full flight» into the XXI century with force. I think you can write something that can be compared to the greatness of «Sarabande» on a 100% classical level instead. I think your wonderful talent, musical knowledge, musical experience and smartness too, can produce much more than this. I’m waiting for you to stand head to head, shoulder to shoulder with Carter, Pärt, Kancheli.
    I think the musical extravaganzas, the musical boundaries you explored in a rock and in a «crossover» context could work beautifully if «translated» in a classical contemporary world.
    As Purple did in a rock context, I would love you to produce «harder» classical music, more «exciting», more «near the edge» I mean, than your latest works. In a «picture» I could say something like «why not try leave behind for a while your English classical influences» and go for harsher compositions and a brusher sound and see how it works.
    Don’t know, maybe a multi-layered composition/sound, forte/piano sounds, together with, as said before, you enviable, good taste and your proven gift towards a melodic approach
    Don’t know but you can do a lot better than this. 100% sure.
    A fan since 30 years,

  8. It’s marvellous to hear how a living rock legend reveals the classical part of his genius. ‘Boom…’ is definetly one of the most significant pieces of modern symphonic music.

  9. I heard one piece of this on a San Francisco radio station and thought it was beautiful. I play the flute and thought I heard the flute somewhere. The previews are very short. Can I buy this somewhere in the United States?

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