Concerto for Group and Orchestra (1969 DVD)

(with Deep Purple)

1. Intro – includes Jon Lord & Malcolm Arnold interview
2. Moderato – Allegre (First movement)
3. Andante (Second movement)
4. Vivace – Presto (Third movement)

Bonus material includes the unreleased encore, Jon Lord’s full commentary and a contemporary photo gallery.

Jon Lord – Hammond organ
Ian Gillan – vocals
Ritchie Blackmore – guitar
Roger Glover – bass
Ian Paice – drums
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Malcolm Arnold

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2 thoughts on “Concerto for Group and Orchestra (1969 DVD)

  1. Hi,
    On the first movement of the concerto, comparing to the original CD release, at exactly 2:45 there is a jump to 7:00 or in other words, all the amazing and wonderful orchestral development from 2:45 up to 7:00 is missing in this DVD. This, to my view, destroys all the wonderful structure that mr Lord had originally composed, which culminated to the first electric guitar entrance. I just would like to ask: Why this otherwise extraordinary DVD did not include the full concert ??????

  2. Adding up to my previous comment, I would like to kindly ask if the Double CD release (the one with similar cover) has the full concert, or is it the same cut-edited version as this one on DVD?

    thank you.

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