Durham Concerto

durham-concerto_61rzwsjtvyl_sl160_Part 1: Morning
1 The Cathedral at Dawn
2 Durham Awakes

Part 2: Afternoon
3 The Road from Lindisfarne
4 From Prebends Bridge

Part 3: Evening
5 Rags and Galas
6 Durham Nocturne

Jon Lord – Hammond organ
Matthew Barley – cello
Ruth Palmer – violin
Kathryn Tickell – Northumbrian pipes
Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Mischa Damev

buy-102008 Avie

7 thoughts on “Durham Concerto

  1. “My Deep Lord: Neo-classical composer extrodinaire”
    Dear Mr. Lord,
    Thank you so very much for sharing your wonderful music with us! I ordered this album from my local classical music shop (Vancouver, BC, Canada) and received it about a month ago (May 2008). It is very beautiful indeed! My favourite is Part 2: From Prebends Bridge. I will be putting it on my mobile phone (MP3Pro file). (Please note that http://www.theclassicalshop.net has legal downloads available as well as preview tracks). Please keep up the wonderful composing. I look forward to your next album release. My heartfelt Thank You! (I hereby assert International Copyright on the phrase in quotations on the first line of this message.).

  2. Wonderful peace of music!!!Maestro once again proved to us his amazing sense for classical composition!Sadly,i don’t have a original copy,’cause i don’t may to buy it in Serbia:(((
    Mr.Jon,PLEASE came to Belgrade!!!Many,many people would like to see Your amazing melodies!I know that!
    Greetings from one romantic town named Sombor in north Serbia/Vojvodina.

  3. Just received my copy of the Durham Concerto, having first heard it on Classic FM. My favourite part is the Durham Nocturne, for the peace and relaxation at the start, building to the launch of a new day.

    Greast stuff…more please 🙂


  4. Jon:

    I have yet to hear the entire concerto, but heard an excerpt on You Tube. If any of the classical composers were alive today, THEY would be as floored as we are! It’s as beautiful and moving as anything they could have done, and more.

    Your signature B3 sound has always been a favorite of mine since I was a boy, and I think you deserve more recognition than you even get now. However, I don’t think I fully appreciated your prowess until Steve Morse, one of my top 5 favorites, joined Purple. The interaction between you two was astounding, and I started listening to your parts even more, especially live.

    Now, what a treat we have to hear a brilliant composition from a rock legend! Thanks for all the past, present and future years of great music!


  5. Dear Jon Lord

    A question I have often wanted to ask.
    My name ‘John (Vernon) Lord’ is similar to yours and I designed your ‘Deep Purple’ album ‘The Book of Taliesyn’ ages ago.
    Was this a coincidence of names or was I chosen by the record company because our names were so similar?

    Keep composing
    With best wishes
    John Vernon Lord

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