First of the Big Bands


(with Tony Ashton)

1. We’re gonna make it
2. Downside up, upside down
3. Band of the Salvation Army Band
4. Silly boy
5. Surrender me
6. Celebration
7. I been lonely
8. Shut up
9. Ballad of Mr. Giver

1974 Purple Records/Line Records (unavailable)

3 thoughts on “First of the Big Bands

  1. Never really (officially) been given who plays on this?Ron Wood/ Peter Frampton/Cozy Powell/ Ray Fenwick to name a few!

    Would really like to know


  2. Can anybody tell a poor russian fan what does exactly mean “I don’t know whether I’m upside down or downside upside down”?
    Also, who played it is very interesting, too.

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