Lyrics: Gemini Suite (live)

Gemini Suite (live)
from Gemini Suite with Deep Purple
lyrics: Ian Gillan
sung by Ian Gillan

How I wish, that I wasn’t here
Don’t you know, I’ve got a rotten fear
Of dizzy heights
It’s what they want you know
Oh well here I go
Oh, what a funny show

Take my time, it’s the odds that count
Who am I? What a silly sound
Hold my breath, talk of sudden death
Rhyme and reason must prevail
I need a glass of ale

Better get a feeling now
No need for me to tell you how
It’s really kind of easy now
Woa, like rock’n’ roll
It is gonna feel alright
It’s funky and it’s outta sight
Feeling good, feeling right
Woa, it’s gonna be alright

Now I know where I’m going
Now I know where we stand
And I take you with love

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