Lyrics: Gemini Suite (studio)

Gemini Suite (studio)
sung by Tony Ashton and  Yvonne Elliman

All the words that a world can use
Come to naught,
Easy to abuse “fellowship”,
And “the right to choose”,
And “to make a foe your friend”, “beginning”
And “the end”,
“Let us kneel and pray”,
“One more day”.

“Charity”, “human kindness”,
“Family”, “human blindness”,
“Open mind”, “lend a helping hand”,
“Fight for peace”, make love not war”,
“What are we fighting for?”

Strange – the things we say,
Games we play.

The words will never be the same;
It doesn’t mean we’re not to blame;
Stand up and shout your name!
Who knows – it could all change.

You sit down on your comfy old ass;
The moment comes, you say: “I pass”;
You nod your heads and reach for the grass
To float away.

There’s no crime in humanity;
It’s no sin to delay,
But you’ve got to know where you’re going.

“Give us time – there’s a lot to do.
Make it rhyme – make the dream come true.
Give it life – life to dream”.

But, to dream – is it all a dream?”

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