Malice in Wonderland

pal-malice-special-cd(with Paice, Ashton & Lord)

1. Ghost story
2. Remember the good times
3. Arabella
4. Silas and Jerome
5. Dance with me baby
6. On the road again again
7. Sneaky Private Lee
8. I’m gonna stop drinking
9. Malice in Wonderland
10. Steamroller Blues (bonus, unreleased 2nd album)
11. Nasty Clavinet (bonus, unreleased 2nd album)
12. Black And White (bonus, unreleased 2nd album)
13. Moonburn (bonus, unreleased 2nd album)
14. Dance Coming (bonus, unreleased 2nd album)
15. Goodbye Hello LA (bonus, unreleased 2nd album)
16. Untitled Two (bonus, unreleased 2nd album)
17. Ballad Of Mr.Giver (bonus, unreleased 2nd album)

buy-101976 Purple Records

2 thoughts on “Malice in Wonderland

  1. Absolute classic! Haven’t heard the bonus tracks, but almost everything hi Hammond-ness does is spectacular. Almost refers to the heavy classical, which is just not me. Sarabande though is also excellent.

  2. A nice work, excellent album; strong rhythm lines, great vocals and the hammond w/clavinet basis. You’ll love it

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