Windows 35th

(with Eberhard Schoener)

1. Continuo on B-A-C-H
2. Window
– Renga
– Gemini
– Alla Marcia Allegro

Performed by Jon Lord, Davids Coverdale, Tony Ashton, Glenn Hughes, Pete York, Ray Fenwick and The Munich Chamber Opera Orchestra conducted by Eberhard Schoener.

1974 Purple Records.


6 thoughts on “Windows

  1. Brilliant album. I have this one along with Concerto for Group & Orchestra and Sarabande. I enjoy them all very much.

  2. I rember seeing this on TV back in 1974,was so nice to see ”The Hammond King” on Swedish Television….
    And hearing Gemini fo the first time with Coverdale’s
    wonderful voice was mindblowing….
    Thank you Jon!!!

  3. Can you tell me if Jon Lord Windows will be re- released again. Thank you John Russo

  4. Jon Lord’s most experimental, yet unique masterpiece. Definitely a must for Lord/Deep Purple fans.

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