Concerto for Malcolm Arnold

Performing the The Concerto for Group and Orchestra with Roger Glover on bass, Jon Lord appeared at the Malcolm Arnold festival at Northampton Derngate on October 7.

We have photos and a couple of brief clips from a mobile phone

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4 thoughts on “Concerto for Malcolm Arnold

  1. These are my clips ! Surprised to see them. I am a DP fan – on the whole the audience didn’t appear to be. I bring this out because they were very excited by the concerto.
    First I have to comment on the orchestra and Paul Mann, bravo. I saw some of the concerto concerts in Europe and this orchestra is just great.
    The drum solo (Elliot Henshaw) was extremely loud (drew instant applause). When the guitar came in early on I feared the exercise was about to descend into a futile journey (Chester Kamen). It is funny how much you take for granted in previous performances but I should not have feared Jon was bringing them in on cue and playing with gusto. Unfortunately, I couldn’t hear Roger. I had expected him to stand to the left of the stage. He looked good and he is such an inspiration that somehow I forgot I hadn’t been able to hear him. Andy Cane was understated but on reflection very effective to the performance.
    The hall and it being a classical performance took alot of getting used to. The audience were moved by the concerto and it will be much appreciated where ever it is played. You forget that they have not heard it played before to a rock audience of thousands. Derngate was a good test and it passed.

  2. I was there!!! It was a fantastic night. Firstly we got Jon’s M.A.s.q.u.e written in tribute to Sir Malcolm Arnold. This was am amazing piece. Containing the little passages that define Jon’s music. This was followed by Sir Malcolms Symphony no 6 a brilliant atmospheric piece. Truly wonderful like so many of his works. And after the interval we got what we came for. Concerto for Group and Orchestra. The orchestra sounded amazing. The guitarst was clearly nervous and unsure. His solo was inaudible but he managed to get through the night. Roger was Roger was great to see him there. The drummer was playing in the style of Paicey. Lots of snare! He was excellent and seemed very confident. Paul Mann clearly did his bit with a very confident and profesional showing from the orchestra. Jon Lord played superbly as you would expect. A truly brilliant night. Jon has said in the past that he can hear his musical immaturity in this work now. Over the years I can honestly say it is just sounding better everytime I listen to it. I hope we get more performances. I also want to hear his other works especially Crystal Spa from Pictured within. Jon Lord is the greatest living British Composer. Lets start a campaign now “KNIGHTHOOD FOR JON LORD” Its long overdue!

  3. After pizza in Northampton, we made our way to the Royal and Derngate theatre, which has been recently refurbished and was a fine venue for the concert. The first piece was Jon Lord’s MAsque, which was played by the string section of the orchestra only. Arnold’s 6th symphony was next, played by the full orchestra and full of, well very loud bits and some quite quiet bits. Applause and overpriced strawberry ice-cream during the interval.

    Jon introduced the Concerto as, “his dream, or some might say nightmare!”, and we were off. This was back as near as possible to the original, with none of the embellishments of the ’99 version and was over far too quickly. Standing ovation, 2nd standing ovation, much embracing (on stage), but no encore.

    Was it a success? Indeed it was! The RPO was splendid and Paul Mann (whose CV has blossomed since 1999) was enthusiastic. Roger Glover was as professional as ever on bass and the drummer (Miles Bould) was excellent, as his billing led us to expect. Andy Cane did a very good Gillan impression circa 1969, so excellent vocals, if let down slightly by a dodgy mike. However, the guitarist (Chester Kamen) looked uncomfortable throughout and Jon even helped him out on some of his solos. Of course Jon was in fine form and clearly enjoying himself.

    And so it was all over by 9.45pm and we made it home just after midnight. One point for future reference; from our vantage point (row L of the stalls), the wind, brass and percussion sections of the orchestra were hidden from view, so perhaps the cheaper seats would have been a better option. All in all, a great night out, well worth the trip and great to see Roger and Jon sharing the same stage again.

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