Come into the studio with Jon Lord

Out of my mind session 17

This feels a lot like Christmas. Nostalgic, warm, friendly and a touch emotional. A newly released 27-minute film takes us into one of Jon Lord‘s later recording sessions.

On Wednesday October 6 2010, Jon went into SARM Studios in London together with Ian Gillan, Tony Iommi and Nicko McBrain. Here he put down Hammond organ for Out Of My Mind, a charity single for the Who Cares project in Armenia. The single was released in 2011.

A plethora of footage from the recording session shows the four main players spending time together in the studio. Jon greets Gillan with a hug and a kiss on the cheek. The four are seen reminiscing, discussing the song and generally hanging out with spirits high and plenty of smiles.

Perhaps most importantly, the film spends considerable time showing Jon setting up the rental Hammond and getting a good sound from it.

– I want it to snarl a bit more, Lord says while tweaking the settings on the Leslie speaker before doing a take of the song’s backing track.

We mentioned the session before, but below is your unique opportunity to go behind the studio door and feel it for yourself.

Stills from the film:

Out of my mind session 11
Out of my mind session 14
Out of my mind session 04
Out of my mind session 10
Out of my mind session 01
Out of my mind session 02Out of my mind session 19
Out of my mind session 05
Out of my mind session 16
Out of my mind session 20
Out of my mind session 22
Out of my mind session 18
Out of my mind session 07
Out of my mind session 12
Out of my mind session 03
Out of my mind session 09
Out of my mind session 08
Out of my mind session 15
Out of my mind session 13
Out of my mind session 21

Watch the full film here:

The session came about when Gillan and Iommi visited Armenia and decided they wanted to raise funds to build a new music school for the kids of Armenia that were still suffering from the earthquake that struck in December 1988.

You can purchase “Out of My Mind” by Ian Gillan, Tony Iommi, Jon Lord and Nicko McBrain on iTunes. All proceeds go to the Armenian music school.

Deep Purple books for 50th anniversary

Celebrating Deep Purple‘s 50th anniversary, three huge books – including Jon Lord’s photo biography All Those Years Ago – have been packaged together in a boxed collection of just 50 copies.

The books have been personally signed by Jon Lord, Ian Paice and the entire, current Whitesnake lineup.

DEEP PURPLE – CALIFORNIA JAM – a detailed account of Deep Purple’s largest concert

JON LORD – ALL THOSE YEARS AGO – Jon’s life in photos and words

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Celebrating Jon Lord now on vinyl

Celebrating Jon Lord, the majestic evening of Jon Lord’s music held at Royal Albert Hall in April 2014, is now seeing a full release on vinyl.

The good folks at earMUSIC have wrapped the full show into three gatefold vinyl releases, smack full of photos, notes and an overall feel of classy musical joy.

To be able to present everything from the very sad yet also glorious and musically very satisfying and uplifting evening, the music has been spread over three individual releases.

The first, The Composer (2LP) aptly deals with the evening’s first half, which was dedicated to Jon’s impressive orchestral work. The second half has been split into two volumes: The Rock Legend vol 1. (1LP) and Deep Purple’s set (vol. 2) (2LP).

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Jon Lord’s most famous songs collected

The new collection of Jon Lord compositions

The Jon Lord Collection is a new volume of vocal scores and piano arrangements of some of Jon Lord‘s most famous songs and instrumental pieces. Jon Lord’s genre-defying music is presented here for the first time in a form which makes it readily accessible to musicians and music-lovers alike.

Included are some of Jon’s most celebrated solo songs, most importantly his autobiographical Pictured Within, composed to lyrics by Jon, and made famous by the incomparable performances of Miller Anderson.

The collection also includes works written in collaboration with Sam Brown (Wait a While, One from the Meadow, The Sun Will Shine Again), together with a more recent collaboration with Steve Balsamo (All Those Years Ago).

Jon’s genius for improvisation meant that his own performances were constantly evolving, and with most of the compositions included here, Jon never got around to actually notating definitive versions of the scores. His long-time friend and musical collaborator Paul Mann has painstakingly combined all of Jon’s extant manuscript material with new transcriptions from the original recordings to arrive at the first-ever authoritative published versions of eleven essential pieces.

Completing the collection are instrumental pieces from the 2004 album Beyond the Notes, including Jon’s meditation on his departure from Deep Purple, De Profundis, the Brubeck-inspired Cologne Again, the gentle but subtly complex Miles Away, (which was to form the basis of the slow movement of his piano concerto Boom of the Tingling Strings) and the wildly virtuosic Telemann Experiment which, in typical Jon style, combines elements of rock and blues with the music borrowed from a suite by early 18th century German Baroque composer Georg Philip Telemann.

To buy The Jon Lord Collection go to Hal Leonard.


Reduced score: To Notice Such Things

Jon Lord’s music continues to trickle into published scores available to buy. Aimed at performers and/or students of Jon’s music, the scores are being meticulously prepared for publication by conductor Paul Mann a close friend of Jon’s.

A brand new score of Jon’s Durham Concerto is nearing publication by Schott Music, but many other works are already available. One is the new piano reduction of To Notice Such Things, Jon’s 2009 suite composed in memory of his friend John Mortimer.

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Before I Forget, expanded CD reissue

Cherry Red Records have released the definitive CD reissue of Jon Lord‘s excellently eloquent 1982 solo album Before I Forget.

The album warrants reappraisal not just for featuring a slew of very familiar friends of Jon’s, but also for being a very versatile album – including its five bonus tracks – which sees Jon exhibit all his keyboard skills from rocking the Hammond over rhythm’n’blues piano and brilliant classically themed Moog work that really is a beauty to behold.

Photo from CD booklet

The A-list of performers includes: Deep Purple‘s Ian Paice, Whitesnake‘s Bernie Marsden and Neil Murray, Cozy Powell of Rainbow, Black Sabbath, etc., Bad Company‘s Mick Ralphs, Simon Kirke and Boz Burrell, and session drummer extraordinaire Simon Phillips with delicious and distinct vocals supplied by the mother-daughter duo of Vicky and Sam Brown plus Tony Ashton and Elmer Gantry.

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Jon Lord Blues Project now on vinyl

The Jon Lord Blues Project live album has been released on double vinyl.

The album was recorded live in Rottweil, Germany on May 14, 2011 with the following lineup:

Jon Lord – Hammond organ
Miller Anderson – vocals, guitar
Maggie Bell – vocals
Zoot Money – keyboard, vocals
Colin Hodgkinson – bass, vocals
Pete York – drums

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​Blackmore plays live tribute to Jon Lord 

In a poignant and touching move, Ritchie Blackmore played tribute to Jon Lord at Rainbow’s show in Birmingham this week. Watch the performance below.

A set of career encompassing photos of Jon appeared on the large screen behind the band as Ritchie, sat on a stool with an acoustic guitar, performed the song to a pin drop quiet capacity crowd.

Carry On… Jon” is the instrumental piece, Ritchie Blackmore wrote to honour Jon after his passing, and on Wednesday night, Blackmore performed it live for the first time at Birmingham‘s Genting Arena at the final of a run of Rainbow shows that started last Summer in Germany.

“Carry On… Jon” was only done at this show.

Rainbow keyboard player Jens Johanson added an atmospheric and jazzy Hammond solo to the piece, before Blackmore rounded off the song with a beautiful run of flageolets.

Watch “Carry On… Jon” by Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow live at Birmingham’s Genting Arena on June 29: