To Notice Such Things in rare Colorado performance

This weekend, Jon Lord’s To Notice Such Things features in the Boulder Philharmonic’s concert “Gritty/Pretty” held at Macky Auditorium in Boulder, Colorado near Denver this Saturday October 12.

Boulder Phil music director Michael Butterman says that he heard the piece while driving, and was so taken with the music that he stopped to find out what it was. He admits that he thought “who?” when the piece was announced, but he went on to learn about Lord, and the piece, which was written in memory of one of Lord’s close friends, Sir John Mortimer, a British author and playwright.

The performance will feature the orchestra’s principal flutist, Elizabeth Sadilek-Labenski:

– I absolutely adore this piece – it’s gorgeous. It has beautiful lyrical sections. It is very emotional, showing frustration and anger, and having to deal with death. Yet, (Lord) reflects on all the beautiful things in his life. There is that gritty part, as well as the pretty part.

She says Lord expands what the instrument can do and is always experimenting and going beyond the normal, which makes the solos interesting.  

– I am grateful to Michael for letting me play this piece. A lot of times, we bring in solo artists. For him to allow me, as an orchestra member, to play a solo has been really special. This is a real treat for me.

Also included in the evening’s performance are two pieces by Radiohead guitarist Jonny Greenwood and Franz Schubert.

Boulder Philharmonic Orchestra
Michael Butterman, conductor, with Elizabeth Sadilek-Labenski, flute

Jonny Greenwood: Suite from There Will Be Blood
Jon Lord: To Notice Such Things
Schubert: Symphony No. 5

2 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 12, 7:30 p.m.

Buy tickets online.


One thought on “To Notice Such Things in rare Colorado performance

  1. I heard MIchael Butterman conduct “TNST” about 3 years ago with the Rochester Philharmonic. Their performance was excellent, and I am sure that Jon certainly would be very pleased. I talked with Butterman for about 10 minutes after the performance. He said he had also done it with the Shreveport (Missisippi) Orchestra, so this is at least his third time at conducting it. He was not aware of either “Durham Concerto” or “Boom of the Tingling Strings,” but said he would check them out. Perhaps he will join Paul Mann as a champion of Jon’s works! I am going in November to Quebec to hear the “Concerto for Group and Orchestra” being conducted by Paul. Can’t wait!

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