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jon-lord-photo-by-alexandr.jpgThis is Jon Lord’s new official website – composer, Hammond player and pianist – and previously with Deep Purple.

In its early stages the website will host news on Jon Lord’s concert and recording activities. Gradually the site will develop to also include personal messages from Jon Lord, discography, tour dates, etc.

We encourage your comments, suggestions and discussions related to Jon Lord – but please pay attention to the guidelines for posting.



20 thoughts on “Welcome to JonLord.org

  1. Hello, Jon:

    As a Deep Purple fan since 1970, I just want to say “Thank You!”

    You took keyboards to an entirely new space via your work, basically expanding the range and timbre of your instruments beyond that which had previously existed. Well done!

    I had the pleasure of seeing you perform in both the Blackmore and Morse line-ups of DP, and enjoyed all such instances immensely.

    I hope you have many more happy years of composing and playing.

    Jim Sullivan (Suldog)
    Watertown, Massachusetts, USA

  2. Dear Mr, Lord,
    good luck with the new website. I am glad to see you again in 2008 at Hagen, Stadthalle. Best wishes from Germany

    Ralph Grille

  3. Dear Mr. Lord,
    Congrats for the new website.
    It is a sign of more things coming up.
    In Midst of February there is a concert announceed at Hagen in Germany, tickets already available.
    So wer’re looking forward to for more “Jon Lord Sound”.
    All the best
    Hartmut and Ulrike

  4. Dear Mr.Lord,i m glad to see You in new site.
    I will hope that You will visit one small land in Europe,Bosnia,in next years…because You have audiance
    for Your music here in Balkans!Best wishes for your health,life also music from Bosnia,Sarajevo!

  5. Maestro Jon Lord…thank you for being there!!!

    I am a musician who finds your work very inspirational…

    All the best

    Jaime Mazzoni
    Buenos Aires

  6. Jon,

    Bravo maestro and thank you for the introduction of your website to the longtime fans of yours like myself. I have been a fan for many years and one of those years; I had the fortunate chance of meeting you after one of your Deep Purple concerts that was played here in the Phoenix, Arizona area in May 1987.

    I had backstage passes to this particular concert and you were the first person I saw from the band as you stood in the doorway of the green room where other fans and band members were. You were quite gracious enough to offer us a drink and invite myself and a friend of mine into the ‘green room’ to meet the rest of the available band members (Ritchie had broken his index finger that night during the encore, so he could not be there) who were there to greet the fans that night.

    I have never forgotten your kind gesture to me my dear sir and throughout the years I have tried to collect various other projects of yours that are available to me on CD or DVD here in the states. The last was the 2003 documentary – Jon Lord with Pictures.

    This morning (4 November 2007) I had the good fortune of being able to listen to the rebroadcast of your most recent performance of the Durham Concerto. This performance was broadcasted through the internet on ClassicFm’s Katie Durham’s Hall of Fame concert series in the U.K.

    I have already wrote my impressions of the Concerto (on a separate page in this site) and hope that this may be released on CD someday.

    Again my thanks to you, Mr. Lord for your kindness to all your fans. I wish you only the greatest success in your future endeavors.

    Julia Barela Mills
    Glendale, Arizona, U.S.A.

  7. Thanks for your new website mr. Jon Lord!
    You are my greatest Hammond organ inspiration. I just want to thank you for the idea of hooking an organ to guitar amplifier, ring modulator and simply for a great piece of music you created.

    All the best mr. Lord
    Janek Mackiewicz

  8. Hi good Lord, I’m probably your best italian fan. I’m only 26 but since the first time I heard your notes on Deep Purple cd’s I deeply fell in love with your Art. I’ve written you before, but maybe the letter was missed. When you will come back in Italy again? Please, please please!!! I would like to spend some hours next to you in front of my hammond, learning directly from you voice (and hands). Please Jon, I would like you to be my teacher, if only for a day! My mum will cook special italian dishes for you!!! Thanks for all that you have played. It is always a school for me.

    Your “Deep” fan, Luca marcassoli

  9. What a wonderful website this is going to turn out to be.
    I just have that feeling!
    Jon, it was (still is) a dream of mine to meet you just for a couple of minutes, shake your hand and thank you for the many, many hours of wonderful music you have produced, not only with DP, but also more significantly as a solo artist.
    I first saw you and DP in London in 1968 at some college or other – I forget.
    I followed DP through the good times and bad, having to say that I have several CD/DVDs from the 1999/2000 era, and then DP seemed really “together”.
    Steve Morse was an excellent choice as replacement for RB.
    I had a wonderful evening in Munich a couple of years back and look forward to seeing you in Munich again before too long, hopefully.
    Failing the chance to thank you personally, I’ll take this opportunity: Thankyou! That word alone rather misses the mark, but for want of a more overblown expression….

    My best regards.

    Tim Blea,

  10. Hi Jon

    I would like to wish you all the very best with your new website. We met in the early 1970s when you were playing with Deep Purple and came into the casino in which I was working. You invited me to the concert and it was a memorable and unforgettable night for me which I will always remember.

    I hope you return to Australia one day soon as it would be wonderful to catch up with you again.

    All the very best
    Elizabeth Stanton

  11. God bless Jon and his great music!!!

    With warmest regards from Holland,

    Albert Nazarian

  12. Dear Maestro,
    What a great news! The creation of your website is a good thing for all many fan of you around the world.
    I’m a French Purple fan since 1982. At this time i discovered Made in Japan and your fabulous play of Hammond. I’ve bought all records or video of your work through the different group (Artwoods, DP, PAL, etc..) or your solo career.
    No one can transmitt so emotions, so energy, so feelings with his keys.
    Thank you for all the wonderful things you give to us and best wishes, Mister Lord, for this website!

    Best regards from Paris,
    One eternal fan.
    Pascal Rebeyre

  13. hello jon,
    I’m a Dutch Purple fan since 1970 you are the best player (hammond)ther is i hoop you will give one more time a great concert whit deeppurple.
    Thank you for all the wonderful things an i hoop more



  14. Hi Jon.
    Congratulations for your website. I´m fan from you since more then 40 years and when I learned piano in the 70th, you were the godfather for me. Now I´m 50 years, but you´re always the godfather for me.
    I hope for you that you´re health are always good in the future and wish you the best.
    Biker Greets from Barcelona
    Ralf ” Indian ” Sacha

  15. Dear Maestro,my sweet Lord,
    And we finally got web-site about Yours amasing work.I’m so,so happy ’bout this.
    I hope that You came in Serbia as soon as possible and play Your marvelous material.Can’t wait!!!
    Your’s sincerelly,Nemanja,and Serbian DPFC.
    Poštovani Maestro,želim Vam još dugu i plodnu karijeru i da nas udostojite Vašim koncertom.
    S osobitim poštovanjem,Nemanja.

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