Photos: Jon Lord in Hagen

February 17, 2008

Watch a selection of our photos from Friday Feb 15, when Jon Lord performed at Hagen Stadthalle. Music: ‘Sarabande’.

Feel free to send us your own photos.



  1. It was a great concert.
    Hope he will come back. “Play it again” Jon.

  2. I will never forget these magical days, Jon you’re fantastic.

    It was a pleasure to meet you, Gwennolé and lots of musicians, we received wonderful greetings.

    I thank everyone Katie and andreas for them friendship.

    It was my first Jon’s show but not the last one.

    Now, I can prepare my wedding, and this day, I’ m gonna think of you, Dear jon.
    you music will be played.

    Fan ( did you mean Fanny Kemble?)

  3. Jon, I am an old fan of yours, not in age but in number of years. I think you are one of the most impressive musician that ever lived on this planet, by making such a variety of music. In Hagen I very much enjoyed your music. Your “baby”: the Concerto was conducted on world standard by this local band and the Hagen Philharmonics. Your contribution showed what beyond the notes really means. Please continue for a while. I’ll be there. Thanks for your warm hand-shake from the hands that made it all happen for over 40 years.

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