More photos: Jon Lord in Hagen 2008


View photos from Friday Feb 15, when Jon Lord performed at Hagen Stadthalle, Germany. Feel free to send us your own photos.











Hagen Philharmonic Orchestra after performing Concerto for Group and Orchestra

Arranger and keyboard player Ralph Breitenbach



Available as desktop/screen saver – click to open/download





Tanja Schun and Jon Lord







Jon Lord with conductor Gwennolé Rufet




Jon Lord and drummer Niko Mareske

Photos by Rasmus Heide and Fanny Boch, Hagen, Germany, Feb 15 2008

7 thoughts on “More photos: Jon Lord in Hagen 2008

  1. Hi Jon,
    I am a 45-year-old woman from Hagen and a great fan of you and Deep Purple. I enjoyed your performance in our “Stadthalle” very much. You and your music are extremely charismatic. But there was one thing I missed from Oer-Erkenschwick: my beloved “Bourrée” from Sarabande! So, you have to visit Hagen again and then play it!I like very much your special sense of humour, you are a wise man.
    I took some photos, too, but I unfortunately my reserved seat was too far away from stage. You may view them on the above mentioned page, as well as pics of the “Rapture of the deep”-tour.
    If you like to “get a face” for this message, you can take a look at my private page
    So, thanks for having accompanied and enriched my life for so many years.
    Keep on rockin’,

  2. Dear Mr. Lord,

    Thank you so very much for the great music over the years…
    I hope all is going well with you Mr. Hammond Sir !!

    Best of luck to you Mr. Lord

    old DP fan Jon

  3. Hi, my name is Maria fernanda (Mafa)… I’m 15 years old, and I really love your style… yeah, I wanna play the keyboards like you, … ohh you are a master… !

    This summer I try to play by ear one song.. “wring that neck”… with the solo… hehehe that was great! and I did it!…

    mmm… oh, by the way,… this summer deep purple came to Perú (a little country on south america… ), and had a performance… I’d like that you were there with the rest of the group, that was my only oportunity to hear youu….. 😦

    well… thaks for all Mr. Jon Lord, I aprecciate you so much, and you’r my idol….

    best wishes for you…… =)


  4. Greetings: My name is Alexander Jenkins, and my stage name is Gasserpe. I live in Fort Myers, FL. I am a songwriter/musician with fourteen unreleased albums, and two hundred songs.

    It is an honor to write to you today Sir Lord. I just wanted to say thank you for all the great music, and inspiration. YES! the Hammond B3 is the ultimate instrument, and I wish I had one. I do any Hammond solos of my own on Workstations. Not the same!

    Let me tell you a short story. 2004 we were hit by Hurricane Charley, loosing everything. I was in a FEMA mobile home park in Punta Gorda, Florida. While there my son and I were playing one of your old Deep Purple albums on vinyl, of course, and we had it very loud, I mean the subs were kicking, and the Hammond filled the park. The police came and gave us tickets, and one of the officers is a Deep Purple fan. But he had no choice but to issue tickets. The officers did agree to the fact, that Deep Purple has to be loud. One of the officers stated that years ago he worked as a roadie with Deep Purple.

    I thought I would share that with you Sir Lord, and I have all the orginal Deep Purple vinyles!

    If you like to hear my future music, Google or Yahoo Gasserpe, and you will find all my sites and music. I am getting much internet, and radio airplay in Los Angeles, and elsewhere.

    God bless…Alexander Jenkins, Fort Myers, FL.

    “The B3 will live forever”

  5. Hi Jon!

    I am 45 years old, I am fanatic for its music since my 12 years.
    I had the happiness of savoring a wine of the port with you in 1991 in São Paulo, Brazil.

    Congratulations for the excellent new album, and I want to know of the possibility of playing here with orchestra in São Paulo.

    I can make contacts with producers and sponsors for that end.

    We have a new theater in the Park of fantastic Ibirapuera, a project of the architect globally famous ” Oscar Near Maya “, perfect acoustics, where the fund of the stage can be open giving vision for a larger park than the Central park of N.Y.

    I would love to see Jon Lord presenting its wonderful music in that local one.

    Thank you, and pardon for my weak English.

    Milton Arthur
    São Paulo – SP

  6. Mr. Lord. Your playing is just beyond words. Your Deep Purple’s fan from Russia, St. Petersburg.If you remember you visited our city several times.

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